257+ YouTube Channel Names for Vloggers (2024 List)

257+ YouTube Channel Names for Vloggers (2024 List)

Want to get up close and personal about a topic you love? Starting a YouTube channel and vlogging your experience is a great way to grow your brand, monetize your expertise, and cultivate a community of loyal viewers.

But before you do all that, you’re going to need a good name for your vlog channel. A memorable channel name can boost your visibility, set viewers up for what they can expect, and give you the foundation to connect with your audience. How do I know?

Unlike a lot of the other writers talking about this, I have a real YouTube channel with over 175,000 subscribers. So I’ve been where you’re at.

And I’ve used my expertise to put together a list of hundreds of unique YouTube channel names for vloggers so you can start your channel off on the right foot.

What Are the Best YouTube Channel Names for Vloggers?

Here’s a list of over 257 YouTube channel names for vloggers. To help you sort through them, I’ve broken the list down into ten popular vlogging niches.

Lifestyle Vlogging

If your vlogging channel is all about an intimate and informal look at your daily life, check out these catchy channel names for lifestyle vlogs:

  • Serendipity Scenes
  • Vibrant Visions Vault
  • Joyful Journeys Journal
  • Wholesome Harmony Haven
  • Urban Utopia Updates
  • Joyful Journey Journals
  • Cozy Corner Chronicles
  • Life & Laughter Logs
  • Weekly Waves
  • Sunshine State Stories
  • Lifestyle Light Logs
  • Everyday Essence Vlogs
  • Urban Oasis Odyssey
  • Chic Charm Chronicles
  • Simply Stylish Stories
  • Simply Serene Stories
  • Everyday Elegance Enclave
  • Lifestyle Legacy Logs
  • Daily Dose Diaries
  • Living Bliss Chronicles
  • Tranquil Trails Tales
  • Lifestyle Lens Lounge
  • Daily Delight Dispatch
  • Vivid Vista Ventures
  • Blissful Living Broadcast
  • All Things Alive
  • Sparkling Scenes Studios
  • Balanced Being Broadcast
  • Fresh Perspectives Path
  • Radiant Realms Roundup

Beauty and Fashion

an eye with gold and pink eyeshadow

Whether you focus on makeup tutorials and reviews or fashion hauls and style tips, try one of these memorable vlog channel names:

  • Glam Goddess Gazette
  • Vogue Vortex
  • Beauty Boulevard Blogs
  • Classy Chic Chatroom
  • Chic and Chanel
  • Glam Galore Guides
  • Chic Chatroom Chronicles
  • Makeup Magic Manor
  • Style Siren
  • Beauty Buzz Boulevard
  • Vogue Voyage Vault
  • Let’s Talk Trends
  • Glam Guide
  • Trend Trek TV
  • Makeup Mystique Manor
  • Chic Chatroom Channel
  • Makeup Masterclass Manor
  • Style Spectacle Show
  • Style Savvy Sister
  • Makeup Maven Haven
  • Glamour Guide Gazette
  • Style Savvy Stories
  • Fashion Fusion
  • Your Glamour Guide
  • Style Sense Squad
  • Fashion Fab Fiesta
  • Glamour Guru Gallery
  • Style Savvy Showcase
  • Fashion Fusion Forum
  • Trend Talks TV

Travel Vlogging

Share your personal travel experiences with your audience using one of these vlog channel names ideas:

  • Roamer’s Odyssey
  • Wayfarer’s Whimsies
  • A Wandering World
  • Wanderer’s Wonderings
  • Odyssey Adventures TV
  • Explorer’s Escapades
  • Passport Pathways
  • Edgy Exploration
  • Journey Journal
  • Wanderlust Wisdom
  • Globetrotter’s Chronicles
  • Globetrotter Gazette
  • Trekker’s Trails
  • Trailblazer Tales TV
  • Nomad’s Narrative Network
  • Journey Junket
  • Trailblazer Travels
  • Whimsical Wanderlust
  • Roaming Reflections
  • Expedition Avenue
  • Discoverer’s Diary
  • Nomadic Narratives
  • Adventure Avenue
  • Discovery Diaries TV
  • Trekker’s Tracks TV
  • Vagabond Ventures
  • Expedition Expertise
  • Wild Wandering Wisdom
  • Roaming Revelations
  • Odyssey Outpost


a behind view of a gamer wearing a headset look at his console

Covering gameplay footage and reviewing new releases? Your gaming vlog channel needs the right YouTube channel name to attract the right audience:

  • Console Corner
  • Console Chronicles
  • Virtual Vault Voyage
  • Gamer’s Gateway Guidebook
  • Digital Diary Dispatch
  • Pixel Paths
  • Virtual Vista
  • Pixel Pulse
  • Digital Domain Dispatch
  • Gamer’s Grove
  • Controller Crew Corner
  • Journal of a Joystick
  • Pixel Paradise Pathway
  • Pixel Pavilion
  • Game Haven Hideout
  • Cosmos of Consoles
  • Virtual Venues
  • Gaming Galaxy Gazette
  • Gamer’s Guild Gateway
  • Console Central
  • Game Guru Gazette
  • Game Guru Guidebook
  • Digital Discovery Diary
  • Virtual Voyage Venture
  • Joystick Junction
  • Gaming Galaxy Guide
  • Gamer’s Gateway
  • Pixel’s Playground
  • Galaxy of Gamers
  • Joystick Journeys

Health and Fitness

Share your personal workout routines and your healthy eating tips and wellness advice with a health and fitness vlog under one of these perfect YouTube channel names:

  • Fun Fit Forum
  • Fit Focus Field
  • Body Balance Beacon
  • Gym Guru Guidepost
  • Gym Guru Gazette
  • Exercise Oasis Outlook
  • Vitality Vista Vault
  • Fit Fusion Focus
  • Body Broadcast
  • Fitness Frontier Forum
  • Balanced Body Boost
  • Haven of Health
  • Health Hive HQ
  • Wellness Weekly
  • Wellness Watch
  • Mindful Movement Mondays
  • Gym Guides
  • Wellbeing Waves
  • The Wellness Whisperer
  • Fitness Fusion
  • Focused and Fit
  • Mindful Movement Manor
  • Frequency for Fitness
  • Mindful Movement Memoir
  • Active Avenue Assembly
  • Wellness Wonderland Weekly
  • The Balanced Body
  • Wellness Workshop
  • Health Haven HQ

Food and Cooking

Vlog your experience in the kitchen and try one of these memorable channel names for a food and cooking vlog channel:

  • Gastronomic Grandeur Gazette
  • Flavor Fiesta Feast
  • Palate Palette
  • Spice Spectrum
  • Flavor Fusion Frontier
  • Savory Showcase
  • Culinary Kaleidoscope Kitchen
  • Gourmet Gazebo Gazette
  • Frontiers of Flavor
  • Gallery of a Gourmet
  • Epicurean Excursion Express
  • Delectable Dining Diary
  • Culinary Compass
  • Gastronomy Galaxy Gazette
  • The Cultivated Culinary
  • Culinary Canvas Crew
  • Gourmet Guides
  • Kitchen Kinetics Chronicle
  • Cook’s Canvas Chronicle
  • The Taste Tempest
  • Foodie Fantasia Forum
  • Delightful Dishes Daily
  • Epicurean Elegance Ensemble
  • Tasty Temptations TV
  • Kitchen Connoisseur Chronicles
  • Flavorful Fare Forum
  • Epicurean Essence
  • Savory Sensation Stories
  • Symphony of Savor
  • Epicurean Escapades

Parenting and Family

A family of five walking in a grassy field

Share your experiences, tips, and insight on raising a family with your parent and family vlog under one of these great vlogging channel names:

  • The Imperfect Parent
  • Lineage Legacy Ledger
  • Parenthood Perspectives
  • Family Focus Network
  • Family Fables Forum
  • Hearthside Havens
  • Guardian’s Gazette
  • Perfect Parent Picks
  • Prose of a Parent
  • Family Fables
  • Guardian Guide Guideline
  • Parenting Pitstop HQ
  • Pitstop Parenting
  • Caregiver Compass Chronicle
  • Parenting Perspectives
  • Lore and Legacy
  • Kinship Chronicles
  • Kid Crew
  • Fairytale Family
  • The Savvy Sentinel
  • Family Nexus Network
  • Hearthside Herald
  • Global Guardian Guide
  • Progeny Pathway Pulse
  • Guardian Guide Galaxy
  • The Compassionate Caregiver

Technology and Gadgets

Show your target audience tutorials and reviews of the latest tech and gadgets with a YouTube channel sporting one of these memorable vlogging channel names:

  • Wired Wonders Weekly
  • TechTonic Talk
  • Byte Beat Bulletin
  • Innovation Island Reviews
  • Innovation Insights
  • Gadget Galaxy
  • Digital Dynamo Review
  • Innovation Junction
  • Silicon Safari
  • Tech Review Tribune
  • TechTackle Tales
  • Byte Boulevard
  • Tech Tips
  • TechTrek Guides
  • TechTrailblazer TV
  • Gadget Guidebook
  • Gadget Galaxy Gazette
  • Circuit Chronicles
  • Gadget Glimpse Guide
  • TechTrend Tracker
  • Circuit City Reviews
  • Genius Gadgets and Guides
  • Gear and Gadget Guide
  • Gateway to Gadgets
  • TechTalk Toolkit
  • Digital Discovery Dispatch
  • Gizmos, Gadgets, and Guides

DIY and Crafts

Let viewers know that DIY and crafts are what they’ll get when they come to your vlog channel page by using one of these great channel name ideas:

  • Crafty Creators Cove
  • The Crafty Creative
  • Crafty Creations Corner
  • DIY Dynasty
  • Crafty Canvas Chronicles
  • Homemade Happiness Hub
  • Artisanal Adventures
  • Handcrafted Harmony
  • Crafting Chronicles Corner
  • Crafty Cornerstone Creations
  • Crafty Creations Channel
  • An Artisan Adventure
  • DIY Delights & Designs
  • Artisanal Artistry Avenue
  • Artisan Alley Adventures
  • Handmade Homestead
  • DIY Dreamland Dispatch
  • Artful Antics Avenue
  • Dizzying DIY Delights
  • Handcrafted Hub
  • Creative Crafting Corner
  • Creative Crafting Chronicles
  • Well-Crafted Concoctions
  • Chronicles of Craft
  • Destination: DIY
  • Handmade Haven
  • Crafty Concoctions Channel
  • Handcrafted Heaven
  • DIY Design District

Education and How-To

A How-To couple with paintbrushes standing on newspapers

If your focus is more educational, share your personal experiences and how-tos with your target audience and try one of these great vlog channel names:

  • Prodigy Primer
  • Insight Institute
  • Tutorial Titans
  • HowTo Heroes
  • Insightful Instruction
  • Tutorial Trek
  • EduEnrich Channel
  • Learnify Hub
  • LearnLogic Lounge
  • HowTo HQ
  • GuideGenius
  • How-To Haven
  • EduEmpower Express
  • EduExcellence
  • EduPro Portal
  • Wisdom Wave
  • EduElite Experts
  • LearnLab Legends
  • ExpertEase Channel
  • EduMastermind
  • Knowledge Keys
  • SkillSavvy Source
  • Mastery Mentors
  • Tutorial Timeless
  • EduEdge Express
  • SmartSkills Studio
  • SkillCraft Academy
  • SkillSet Studio
  • How-To Highway
  • Tutorial Trailblazers

Choosing the Best Name for Your Vlog’s YouTube Channel

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best YouTube channel name. I’ve narrowed it down to what I consider three of the most important: relevance, memorability, and longevity.

Pick a Vlog Channel Name That’s Relevant to Your Niche

Your vlog’s YouTube channel name signals what potential viewers can expect from your videos, so it’s important that the name accurately reflects what you’re all about.

If you’re vlogging about beauty and fashion, including words like “style” or “trend” can signal potential viewers that your content aligns with their needs.

Choose a Memorable Vlog Channel Name

To make sure your vlog channel’s name is memorable, keep it short and sweet, and consider picking a name with alliteration, rhyming, or puns. Take a look at these successful YouTube channels and the names these vloggers chose:

The first two YouTube channel names are great examples of names that use alliteration and still tell the viewer a little about the channel’s content, and the second two channel names feature puns that also hint at what someone can expect to see when they hop on the channel’s page.

Go for a YouTube Channel Name That Offers Longevity and Growth

If you want to give your vlog channel a chance to grow and pivot (and I’m sure you do), try not to get too specific with your channel name. I know I just said pick something snappy and niche-specific— and you can do that and still have room for growth—but you can also try something else: your own name.

Incorporating your actual name into your YouTube channel name can be scary (trust me, I know), but if you do this, you make it possible to build a personal brand. This means you can have more flexibility to pivot the type of content you produce if you do it right.

YouTube Channel Names for Vloggers FAQ

YouTube dashboard

How Often Can I Change the Name of My YouTube Channel?

You can change the name of your vlog channel max 3 times every 90 days. However, I strongly suggest picking a good name so you won’t have to change it in the first place. Changing your channel name can confuse viewers and make it hard for them to find you.

It can also hurt how your vlogging channel shows up in search engines and your discoverability, so you could lose visibility and traffic for a while.

What if the Channel Name I Chose for My Vlog Is Already Taken?

Sometimes, you’ll narrow it down to the best name for your YouTube vlog channel only to find out that it’s already in use. Here are some things you can do if this happens:

  • Add a modifier (e.g., “HQ,” “Channel”)
  • Use abbreviations or acronyms
  • Incorporate your name
  • Explore synonyms or related terms
  • Reach out to the owner, if possible

To check if the channel name you’ve chosen is available, you can type it into a Google (“channel name” + YouTube) or YouTube search or check using a site like namecheckr.com.

You’ve Picked a Channel Name, What’s Next?

Once you’ve picked a name for your vlog channel, it’s time to get crackin’.

  1. Finish setting up your vlogging YouTube channel
  2. Plan your content
  3. Film and edit your videos
  4. Start streaming your content!

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