47 Best YouTube Makeup Video Ideas for 2024 (ULTIMATE List)

47 Best YouTube Makeup Video Ideas for 2024 (ULTIMATE List)

Creating beauty videos for makeup lovers is a great way to grow your beauty channel. And to be eligible to monetize your content, you must consistently create new, engaging videos.

This can be tricky if you run out of YouTube video ideas.

For this post, I came up with the 47 best YouTube makeup video ideas to help you out if you’re drawing a blank for new content.

And unlike a lot of the other articles out there, I actually have a YouTube channel with over 175,000 subscribers. Check out my tips at the end of this article for how to come up with fresh content ideas.

What Are the 47 Best YouTube Makeup Video Ideas?

Here are the best makeup video ideas for your YouTube channel. I also want to mention that several of these ideas also make great series, so keep that in mind while you read.

Mini Makeup Items Perfect for Vacation Packing

Film a review of sample or travel-sized makeup items and talk about their quality, packability, and cost. Explain what you look for when you consider packing makeup for a trip.

How to Do Makeup with Vitiligo

People with vitiligo have multiple skin tones. If you’re not an expert, collaborate with someone who is to bring this tutorial to life.

Makeup Tutorials for Covering Scars

Give a detailed tutorial on how to cover up scars and other blemishes. Provide helpful suggestions of products or brands that can help them achieve the look they want.

Beach Vacation Makeup

Talk about how to create attractive makeup looks for the beach, whether you’re sunbathing, swimming, or both. Bonus: talk about layering makeup and sunscreen.

simple photo of blush powder and a brush with a white background

Makeup Brand Reviews

Review popular makeup brands. Include brands from several price ranges to offer more variety to the beauty gurus who watch your YouTube channel.

Beauty Haul

This idea speaks for itself—film yourself going through your latest haul of beauty products and talking about the different makeup items you bought and why.

Best Makeup Brands for Sensitive Skin

Review a curated list of makeup brands for the sensitive-skinned beauty gurus in your audience. Include brands in various price ranges to give your audience options.

Makeup Survival Hacks for Music Festivals

Share your best tricks and hacks for looking flawless during weekend or week-long music festivals. Include some fun festival makeup looks.

Aging Yourself Down Using Makeup

Film a how-to showing your audience how to implement specific makeup techniques to look younger.

Recreating Iconic Makeup Looks from Films

Pick some trending or classic films and recreate some of the characters’ iconic looks. Include a mix of basic and bold looks.

Makeup Meditation – Affirmations and Meditations for Your Morning Makeup Routine

Create affirmations or guided meditations that your audience can listen to while they do their morning makeup. Even better, do your makeup with them during the video.

How to Do Your Makeup on Public Transit

Ever tried to do your makeup with a tiny mirror on a bumpy metro or bus? So have a lot of other people! Create a beauty video with tips for applying makeup in this tricky environment.

Applying Makeup Without Tools

Film yourself trying to put on makeup without your usual tools. Use your hands, things from your purse, or items lying around the house.

Gender Neutral Makeup Looks

Makeup is for everyone, and not everyone wants to use it to look more feminine. Create a video featuring some gender-neutral makeup looks.

Quick Makeup Touchup Tricks When You’re on the Go

For girls on the go without their full makeup arsenal, create a video showing them tricks they can use to touch up their looks when they’re out and about.

a makeup artist applies a young woman's eyeshadow. the two women are sitting on a couch

Behind the Scenes Look at Stage Makeup

If you’re not a stage makeup expert, team up with a performer or makeup artist and take your audience behind the scenes to look at how stage performers do their makeup.

Bridal Makeup

Stay up to date with current bridal makeup trends and film videos teaching brides-to-be how to do their own makeup for the big day.

New Year’s Eve Makeup Looks

People like to get glittery for New Year’s Eve, so film a video showing your audience how to create stunning New Year’s Eve makeup looks using glitter and shimmer.

Makeup Tutorials for Different Skin Types

Mature skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin—each type requires a different approach to makeup. Show your viewers how they can make makeup work for them.

Working with Your Natural Features

Speaking of makeup doing the work for you, teach your audience how to enhance or distract from their natural features using makeup.

Aging Yourself Up Using Makeup

Not everyone wants to look younger; some of your audience may like to age themselves up a bit. Show them how they can use makeup to do it.

Compare Store-Brand Makeup

Head to the multiple stores and pick up the same store-brand items from each store. Film a video where you try, compare, and rate the products.

Reaction Videos to Makeup Fails

Not every beauty video is a success. Create reaction videos to your own makeup fails or find other viral videos to react to.

What’s in My Purse: Makeup Edition

If you’re a makeup guru, people probably wonder what you consider important enough to bring with you in your purse.

Dump out the contents of your purse on camera and go through your essential makeup items with your audience.

Speed Challenge: Makeup Edition

Set timed challenges for yourself to see how quickly you can do your makeup. You can escalate from basic looks to more glam makeup to up the stakes during the video.

Day in the Life of a Makeup Artist

Find a professional makeup artist (maybe that’s you!) and film a day-in-the-life video so your audience can get a sense of what these professionals do.

DIY Makeup Recipes

Teach your audience fun, easy, and safe DIY makeup recipes they can use to create their own beauty products and then create looks using your self-made makeup.

Couple’s Makeup Challenge

Couples videos are always a lot of fun, so sit down with your significant other, pass them your beauty products, and film them doing your makeup.

Makeup styles vary from country to country. Take your audience around the world by touring global makeup looks and making a makeup tutorial for different countries.

No-Mirror Makeup Challenge

Point the camera at your face, grab your palette, and get started. Film yourself doing a full face of makeup without a mirror.

How to Remove Stubborn Makeup

Sometimes, even makeup remover doesn’t do the trick the first time around. Take your audience through your methods for removing even the most stubborn makeup.

very clean and colorful makeup brushes. the handles are electric blue and the tips of the bristles are purple

Good Hygiene Practices for Makeup

When did you last clean the tools you use to apply your beauty products? Give your audience a video teaching them some good makeup hygiene.

Makeup for kids isn’t the same quality as the stuff they make for adult use. Grab a simple palette for young girls and do your best to use it to create some trending looks.

Makeup Brands to Invest In

Not every brand is worth every penny. Curate a list of makeup brands that, in your experience, are worth the big bucks.

Check out some trending TikTok makeup looks and make a makeup tutorial for each trend to teach your audience how to recreate these looks.

Back-to-School Makeup Looks

For students getting ready to head back to school, provide some quick yet pretty everyday makeup looks that students can use on busy mornings.

Using Household Products as Makeup

From cinnamon bronzer to cocoa powder eyeshadow to beet juice lip stains, take your audience through easy DIY makeup recipes they can make at home.

How to Layer Your Makeup Correctly

As a beauty guru, you know the importance of layering your makeup correctly to achieve the best results. Create a makeup tutorial teaching your audience how to layer.

Touring Local Makeup Shops

Head out and hit up small, local makeup shops in a city near you. You can rate them on things like products available, service, location, price, and vibe.

Hop on BookTok and see what books are trending with your target audience. You could even look up some fan art for inspiration.

When you’ve got a list of characters, create the makeup looks you imagine they’d wear.

Using Makeup to Boost Your Mood

Use this video to explain how doing your makeup can be a powerful mood booster. Offer quick tutorials on picking bright eyeshadow colors or bold lipstick to lift your spirits on a gloomy day.

Halloween Costume Makeup

The possibilities are endless for Halloween makeup tutorials. Teach your viewers how to use makeup to achieve their ideal Halloween looks.

Makeup Tips for Humid Weather

Humidity can take a stunning look and melt it in minutes. Share tricks in your beauty videos your audience can use no matter what the humidity is like.

Help your audience keep up with the latest makeup trends by creating seasonal videos that show viewers what to expect in the upcoming season and how to create the looks.

Celebrity Makeup Tutorial

Ask your audience of beauty gurus which celebrity makeup looks they want to learn and recreate them on camera. Teach viewers how they can achieve these looks themselves.

Different Makeup Looks for Different Seasons

People have a bit more color in the winter and less in the summer. Teach your audience how to embrace different makeup looks through the seasons.

Tasteful or Just Trendy?

Review makeup trends and evaluate whether they are here to stay or just passing phases. Give your honest opinion regarding whether the looks are tasteful or just a trend.

a makeup station with many, many brushes, products, and accessories. there is a window in the background

How I Came Up With These YouTube Video Ideas

Phew! That was quite the list. But it shows you that there are lots of great makeup and beauty video ideas out there.

To come up with this list of YouTube video ideas, I did some Google searches of makeup trends, perused some channels of beauty gurus, and asked myself what makeup-related problems people need to solve.

I also asked myself how I could give a unique twist to some of the trends and videos already out there to make sure this list included some creative ideas, too.

When you come up with your own YouTube video ideas for your makeup or beauty channel, you can try these approaches as well as:

  • Asking your audience for the beauty videos they want to see
  • Collaborating with other makeup and beauty channels
  • Looking for ways to turn standalone YouTube videos into series

Makeup Video Ideas for YouTube FAQ

How Do I Start a Makeup YouTube Channel?

For starters, be at least interested in makeup, if not an expert. Other than that, the steps for starting a makeup or beauty YouTube channel are:

  1. Choose your niche or focus (makeup, check)
  2. Pick a name for your makeup or beauty YouTube channel
  3. Invest in basic filming equipment
  4. Learn to plan and edit your makeup videos
  5. Promote your channel and stay consistent

For a more in-depth answer, check out my article How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2024 (Ultimate Guide).

How Do I Grow My Audience on YouTube?

In my experience, one of the best ways to grow your audience is to post consistent, engaging content that brings value to your audience.

If your content doesn’t deliver what your audience wants, it won’t create a loyal following and won’t grow.

Other ways to grow your channel include:

  • Promoting your channel
  • Engaging with your audience
  • Optimizing your videos (using keywords and good thumbnails)
  • Constantly learning and adapting
  • Collaborating with other creators

What’s Next?

You now have a content plan full of compelling makeup and beauty video ideas, so it’s time to film, edit, and stream your content. And you know where to turn if you ever run out of ideas again.

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