25 Best YouTube Video Ideas for Couples (Ultimate Guide)

25 Best YouTube Video Ideas for Couples (Ultimate Guide)

People watch couple YouTube videos for their relatability, entertainment, and validation. Videos of you and your significant other give your audience a nice escape where they can find inspiration for shared hobbies and challenges, important conversations, or unique date night ideas.

Whether you’re just starting your YouTube channel or are well-established, you need to post new content consistently to keep your audience engaged and connect with new viewers.

But what happens when you run out of great content ideas?

To help give your creativity a boost, I worked together with my team of expert YouTube video editors, thumbnail designers, and scriptwriters to give you the 25 best YouTube video ideas for couples.

Since I’ve grown my YouTube channel to over 175k subscribers, I’ve got a thing or two to share about coming up with great content ideas. Stick around til the end for some of my expert tips.

What Are the Best YouTube Video Ideas for Couples?

Here are 25 of the best video ideas for couples that you can create for your YouTube channel.

To help you even more, I’ve given a short description for each idea so you can easily hit the ground running with your content creation.

Learn Your Significant Other’s Favorite Video Game

If you or your significant other (I’ll refer to them as SO moving forward) are gamers, you can film a video of them teaching you (or the other way around) how to play their favorite game.

Reaction videos are always a hit, so you could always play the game without your partner knowing and then create a reaction video of them watching later.

Swap Gym Routines for the Day

Fitness videos don’t have to be cut-and-dry workout routines. When you and your partner head to the gym, swap fitness routines for the day. Film trying out each other’s go-to lifts, stretches, or calisthenics.

Spicy Food Challenge

Create a YouTube video to see which of you can take the heat. Work your way up the spiciness scale by focusing on iconic dishes from different cuisines or famous hot sauces.

Relationship Advice

Ask your audience to send you their relationship questions and sit down with your SO to answer and discuss them. This type of advice video can create a lot of intimacy within your YouTube community and build trust.

The Story of How You Met

Share the story of how you two met. To shake things up a bit, you could film it like a blind interview where you can’t hear each other’s responses, then film the two of you together reacting to how you both remember the story.

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Share Your Favorite Date Night Ideas

Make a list of your favorite date night ideas and share them with your audience. You can each talk about why you like these dates and what you do to make them extra special for each other.

Personal Finance Goals

Talk to your audience about how you and your significant other work together to meet your financial goals. Include tips and considerations, budgets, plans, and how you divide up the responsibilities.

Career Talk Videos

Get together with your partner to talk about your different career goals and how you balance each other’s work needs in the relationship.

You can make it more fun by talking about dream careers you used to have or sharing some of the not-so-fun jobs you’ve had that led you to where you are today.

DIY House Projects

Film you and your partner working together on some DIY projects in your house or garden. You could even turn it into a mini-series so your audience gets a better feel for the process and progress.

Bucket List Ideas

Create a couples bucket list with your significant other. You each write your bucket list items on pieces of paper and film yourself pulling them out of the jar to share and discuss with each other.

Couples Trivia Challenge

Have your friends or family create trivia questions for each other and host a trivia game night to test you and your SO’s knowledge of each other. You can include topics like childhood pets, places lived, favorite foods, go-to TV shows, and more.

Try an Extreme Sport Together

If you and your SO aren’t adventurous, this idea will be even more fun for your viewers. Pick an extreme sport (like bungee jumping, skydiving, or ziplining) and film you and your partner trying it together.

SO Does Your Makeup for the Day – With a Twist

Have the non-makeup-wearing partner do the other’s makeup. This can be made more fun by not letting them use instructions or not telling them what each item in your makeup kit is for.

Then, the makeup-wearing-member can do the other’s makeup and tell them what each piece is for, step by step. The reactions can be pretty fun!

Hop on TikTok and see what challenges are trending. Better yet, let your viewers choose the trend instead and film you and your SO giving it your best shot. With TikTok’s AI voice generator, this could be an enjoyable experience.

Not a fan of TikTok challenges?

Find one you think is silly and make a parody video of it instead.

Plan a Dream Vacation Together Based on Viewers’ Suggestions

This is another idea where viewers’ suggestions play a big part. Let your viewers plan your next vacation! Give them a list of locations, accommodation types, and activities to try and create your next vacation based on the most popular choices.

Date Nights for Busy Parents

If you and your partner are parents, hop in front of the camera and discuss how you plan date nights despite your busy schedules.

You can include details like finding a babysitter, connecting without just talking about the kids, and why you find it important to make time for each other.

couple sits with nice city view surrounded by candles.

Day Swap — Swap Responsibilities for the Day

This might be hard on a workday, but if you and your SO have different weekend responsibilities and chores, film a day where you swap. You can include a before and after where you both talk about your expectations and experiences.

Prank Videos

Comedy videos are here to stay, and if you and your partner are up for it, you can plan and film different prank videos.

Just remember that the videos are supposed to be fun, so check in with your partner ahead of time to see what they are comfortable with.

Try Out Compatibility Quizzes

Do a quick Google search for partner compatibility quizzes and take them with your partner. The results might be surprising and will make for some good conversation.

Couples Horoscope

Check out each other monthly or weekly horoscopes or read a description of the type of person you are both supposed to be according to the day you were born.

If available, you could even film you both going to a horoscope specialist to map your horoscopes together.

You or Your SO Plans a Surprise Date Day

This one is a classic, and it’s always fun. Film yourself planning a surprise date day with multiple stages for your SO.

You can get into it by leaving them little hints or instructions for the night, and make sure to get their reactions as you take them through each stage of the date.

Do a Timed Furniture Build to See Who Can Do It Faster

Assembling furniture isn’t always easy or fun, but you can spice it up by racing each other to assemble new chairs, bookshelves, or desks.

See who can do it the quickest without making mistakes and have a prize for the winner. You can even do it live and encourage viewers to guess who will be the fastest.

Talk About Some Challenges in Your Relationship and How You Overcame Them

For a more serious video, you can sit down with your SO and talk about some of the challenges you’ve had in your relationship.

Sharing what you went through and how you overcame things will likely be relatable and inspiring for your viewers.

It will also make you feel more like a real couple, which audiences always appreciate.

Thrift New Outfits, Then Go on a Date in Them

Hop over to your local thrift store and film yourselves finding new outfits for a date night.

To make it more fun, you can create a rule where you blindly pull items to wear off the racks.

Get dressed from head to toe, including shoes, hats, and outerwear.

Learn a Dance Routine or Style Together

Whether learning a TikTok routine or heading to a salsa class, film you and your SO trying out a new dance together.

This could be another good series idea where you can create videos of trying new dance challenges or styles.

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Bonus: Reaction Videos

Reaction videos of all kinds are pretty popular. You can do reactions to popular music videos, to other YouTuber’s content, to movie trailers, to parody videos—the possibilities are endless.

Consider These 3 Things When Picking Your YouTube Video Ideas

People love content they relate to and learn from, and creating videos about your relationship can give you new opportunities to really engage with your audience. To make sure the couple YouTube video ideas you choose serve the growth of your YouTube channel, your audience, and your relationship, there are three big things I recommend you think about.

Stay Connected and Authentic

Stay real with your audience. Don’t force reactions or feelings or create false scenarios when creating YouTube videos.

If you’re offering relationship advice or sharing relationship struggles, stay true to who you are as a couple.

If a video idea doesn’t align with your couple vibe or the goals for your YouTube channel, tweak it so it does, or try something else.

This will help you keep your interactions authentic and raw. When your audience sees this, they’ll trust and relate to you more.

Communicate With Your Partner

Take time to regularly check in with your significant other and discuss the ideas you have. Talk about boundaries and preferences regarding the type of content you will and will not share.

Make sure you both feel respected and are portrayed to your audience in a way that feels real to you. When you’re both comfortable and happy with each video idea, your enthusiasm will come across in your YouTube videos.

Stay Consistent, but Be Open To Change

Stay consistent with the type of couple videos you share. If your videos tend to be more serious and discuss topics like financials or resilience during hard times, prank videos probably aren’t the way to go.

But relationships change and grow over time, so be flexible enough with your couple YouTube video ideas so that they can evolve as your relationship evolves.

YouTube Video Ideas for Couples FAQ

How Can I Come Up With New Couple YouTube Video Ideas?

Creating engaging videos doesn’t have to be complicated. To come up with new video ideas (and to make sure you never run out of ideas), I recommend the following:

  • Ask your audience what they want to see
  • Use your competition as inspiration
  • Keep up with social media trends
  • Collaborate with other YouTube couples
  • Recycle old content
  • Look for ways you can create a series out of standalone videos
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How Can I Get Feedback From My Audience To Learn What YouTube Videos They Prefer?

Comments are a great way to get feedback from your audience.

During your videos, ask your viewers direct questions and encourage them to share their answers (or any other thoughts they might have) in the comments section.

You can then create videos based on your audience’s input. Here are some other ways to gather feedback for your YouTube channel:

  • Check out your analytics to gather information about your audience’s viewing habits, demographics, and engagement metrics
  • Use YouTube’s community tab
  • Post and engage with your audience on other social media platforms
  • Conduct polls and questionnaires
  • Do live stream sessions where you can interact with your audience in real-time

What Is an Example of a Successful Couple YouTube Channel?

YouTube is full of successful couple channels—here is a short list of some popular ones:

What’s Next?

You’ve got a great list of ideas, plus some important things to keep in mind when deciding on YouTube videos for your channel.

If you don’t have a name for your channel yet, check out this article on picking a YouTube channel name. If your account is ready, plan your content, create engaging videos, edit your videos, and start streaming!

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