15 Faceless TikTok Ideas to Go Viral and Make Money in 2024

15 Faceless TikTok Ideas to Go Viral and Make Money in 2024

Want to go viral online without showing your face?

With TikTok, you can!

There’s no need for expensive cameras or perfectly positioned microphones anymore.

With almost 90,000 followers on the platform, I know what works (and doesn’t) to make it big on this platform.

Keep reading to discover the top faceless TikTok ideas to help you go viral.

What Are The Best Faceless TikTok Ideas?

Here are the best faceless TikTok ideas sorted into different categories and niches.

Cooking Tutorials

The cooking niche is great for those who want to go viral on TikTok (without showing their face).

Start by demonstrating step-by-step recipes that guide viewers through each stage of a recipe.

Using overhead shots can be particularly effective.

These shots make it easy to show your ingredients and cooking techniques.

Creating unique or trending recipes will attract food enthusiasts and help your content stand out.

Combine this with soothing sounds (chopping, sizzling, and stirring) and enhance the sensory experience.

You could even go into the history of your recipes.

Explain the origins of certain dishes or share interesting facts about your ingredients.

This adds value to the content you produce.

Product Reviews

Unboxing and reviewing products make for excellent faceless TikTok ideas.


  • close-ups of tech gadgets
  • beauty products
  • home goods

… there are so many products you can share with your audience.

As a creator, you can experiment with different formats.

For example, time-lapse unboxing videos can help capture attention quickly.

Comparing similar products offers educational content that helps viewers make informed decisions.

If you want to take things further, show how the products you review add value to your daily life.

Say you’re demonstrating cooking gadgets.

Show how you use these utensils and combine them with specific techniques to cook your favorite dishes.

When you take a personalized approach, it also increases the chances of brand partnerships and sponsored content.

And ultimately, this will be where you’ll make the most money.

Life Hacks and Tips

Here’s an easy TikTok idea you can do without showing your face: share everyday tips and tricks for organization, cleaning, or time management.

For instance, you could demonstrate a clever way to fold clothes more efficiently.

You could show an easy method to clean hard-to-reach areas in your home.

In your videos, use text overlays to highlight key points and instructions.

The easier it is for viewers to follow along (without needing to see your face) the better your content will do.

You can also use lots of before-and-after shots.

This grabs attention and provides a satisfying visual payoff that keeps viewers watching.

DIY and Craft Projects

DIY and Craft Projects

Are you handy and creative?

A popular approach on TikTok is sharing DIY and craft projects.

The ideas are pretty endless.

You can showcase step-by-step tutorials for creating home decor, gifts, or fashion items.

You just need to make sure you demonstrate the right techniques.

Combining these ideas with product reviews can also open up another list of videos to create.

This way, you’re not just sharing what you’re doing with your followers.

You’re also giving them access to the right products (that you know work) and making a commission when people purchase through your links.

Win-win all around.

Fitness Routines

Ready to share workout routines, exercises, and fitness challenges?

Doing this without sharing your face requires a bit of forward-thinking.

However, you could also ask others to be the ‘face of the brand’ while you handle marketing and sales.

In either case, you can use close-up shots showing the body part being worked.

These shots ensure you demonstrate proper form without showing anyone’s face.

It also helps ensure viewers understand each movement clearly.

Don’t forget to offer variations for different fitness levels.

You want your content to suit your audience’s various knowledge levels and capabilities.

Travel Vlogs

Travel vlogs are another fantastic way to build a brand on Tiktok while staying consistent with faceless posting.

This could be the perfect niche if you’re more on a plane than living at home.

Creating content showing various destinations and attractions can help carve out a specific niche.

Even better would be to combine another interest along with traveling.

Maybe you want to focus on luxury travel. Budget travel. Food travel. Campervan travel.

You get the gist.

No matter which sub-niche you go for, keep things interesting.

Share exciting news about the locations you’re visiting, making your content appealing and educational.

Incorporating drone footage and scenic shots will enhance the visual appeal.

And being a visual platform, TikTok is ideal for this type of content.

Educational Content

Educational Content

Teaching educational content on TikTok isn’t something most people think of doing.

The platform has built up a reputation for being an entertaining platform where people with short attention spans flock.

However, I disagree with this.

If you consume the correct type of (educational) content, you can learn on TIkTok.

And for that to happen, learners must have the right content available.

As such, becoming an educational content creator can be very satisfying.

Whether your niche is language learning, science experiments, or historical facts, you must make your videos stand out.


Incorporating quizzes or interactive elements is a great way to boost viewer engagement and help solidify your popularity in these niches.

Over time, this consistency will help build a loyal community around your page.

Pet Videos

Can you capture pets’ adorable and humorous moments?

If so, you can create a lot of faceless content on TikTok.

This content can then be replicated across various niches, meaning you can appeal to other audiences with the same ideas.

It doesn’t just have to stop at entertainment, though.

You can even share tips on pet care, training, and nutrition.

Sharing information about different breeds and their unique characteristics can also set your content apart.

Whether showcasing Border Collies’s agility or the laid-back nature of Persian cats, the sky’s the limit on the content you create.

Gaming Content

Gaming content is one of the best faceless niches on TikTok.

This niche is really ideal for those who want to build an audience without putting themselves out there.

As a creator, you can:

  • dive into game walkthroughs
  • offer tips and tricks for popular video games and
  • take your audience on a ride with every game session you play.

Share your screen, have engaging voice-overs, and you’re off to the races.

To diversify your content, you can review new games and share updates on the latest gaming trends.

This keeps your content fresh and attracts an audience that is not just interested in game walkthroughs.

Let’s face it – this type of content is pretty common in the gaming niche.

Adding your own spin to content is the easiest way to have different content from everyone else.

ASMR Videos

Have you heard of ASMR?

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response.

It’s a fancy term for a relaxing, tingling feeling many people get.

This feeling happens when they listen to specific sounds or watch videos that make them feel calm and happy.

High-quality microphones and meticulous audio editing will be crucial in delivering the best experience possible.

Experimenting with different ASMR triggers can help you understand what works well with your audience.

Some people enjoy the rustling of leaves.

Others love soft whispers.

No matter which one works best, being open to audience feedback is important.

The best part?

This niche is another great one to gain TikTok popularity without showing your face.

Fashion and Style Tips

Fashion and Style Tips

Fashion and style tips are another perfect avenue for TikTok popularity.

Consider doing an Outfit of the Day (OOTD) segment as an easy starter.

Show your audience your daily outfits, sharing the backstory behind each look.

Then, explain why you chose certain pieces.

You can highlight where you found each item and talk about why it’s currently your favorite.

You could also go for seasonal looks.

These are great for sharing different styles throughout the year.

You can create so much content, whether it’s summer vacation outfits, cozy winter looks, or back-to-school fashion.

Thrift hauls and try-ons are another fantastic idea.

When you go thrifting and find some amazing pieces, share them with your followers.

Show how you style each item and why you love it.

It’s a fun experience and also encourages sustainable fashion.

The key to providing valuable fashion advice while maintaining a faceless presence lies in your creativity and ability to connect with your audience.

Motivational Quotes and Stories

Focusing on personal development tips, inspiring quotes, and affirmations can help you build up an audience that regularly returns to your channel.

Narrating short motivational stories or success stories can also help capture attention.

It also encourages your followers to stay engaged with your page.

In this niche, staying consistent is key.

Consistency builds up your popularity and helps the right people find your account.

As you gain more followers, you’ll also get insights into the content you should double down on.

Remember that different niches have different audiences, no matter which motivational sub-niche you go for.

However, the desire for motivation and personal growth is universal.

As such, it’s relatively easy to create faceless content that many will appreciate.

Music and Instrument Tutorials

Are you open to sharing close-ups of your hands and instruments?

If so, you can teach others how to:

  • play various instruments
  • read music or
  • produce tracks.

This approach is great for those with experience playing or multiple instruments.

And the best part is that as you share more content, you’re forced to level up and become better at the instrument you play.

The music and instrument niche also comes with lots of products you can recommend.

This variety means lots of earning potential no matter the type of videos you create.

The key is to stay consistent and provide value to your viewers through clear demonstrations.

Book and Movie Recommendations

If you love getting into a good book (and don’t put it down till you get to the last page), this one’s for you.

The same can apply to the movies you watch.

TikTok is a great channel to dive into different book and movie niches.

You can review and recommend books, movies, and TV shows without showing your face.

This niche is also ideal for discussing themes, characters, and key takeaways.

These topics all help connect you with fellow enthusiasts who share your interests.

Tech Tutorials and How-To Guides

If you’re tech-savvy, you’re in a great spot to create helpful content.

People are always looking for the best ways to get something done.

Whether it’s about gadgets, apps, or software, you’ll never run out of content in this niche.

For some quick-start ideas, you can walk your audience through:

  • setting up a new device
  • troubleshooting common tech problems or
  • exploring hidden features of popular apps.

You can provide clear and concise instructions using screen recordings and voice-overs.

And you can do all this without ever showing your face.

This type of content is highly valuable.

It helps people solve problems and learn new skills, which keeps them returning for more.

Plus, you can continuously offer fresh and relevant content to your audience.

All that’s required is staying updated with the latest tech trends and products.

Faceless TikTok Account Creation Tips

Here are some final tips to help you succeed with faceless TikTok accounts.

Finding Your Niche

Identifying your passions is the first step towards creating engaging, faceless TikTok content.

Think about topics you’re both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about.

This authenticity will shine through in your videos and resonate with viewers.

Once you’ve pinpointed your main interest, it’s time to explore sub-niches within that field.

For instance, if you’re passionate about cooking, you might explore “healthy meal prep” more deeply.

Here, you provide better content than just going for broad tips within the cooking category.

Understanding your audience and competition is crucial.

Researching popular niches can help you identify gaps where there’s a demand for content – but not enough TikTok creators catering to that need.

You can read reviews, explore forums, and see what people complain about.

In people’s complaints, there are usually opportunities you can fill.

The right content brainstorming is also vital.

Start generating content ideas for each niche contender you’ve identified.

Think creatively and develop different angles and formats that could engage your audience.

Over time, evaluate these ideas critically.

See which format gets you the best result.

Then, adapt and pivot your sub-niche selection, focusing on the most sustainable and engaging TikTok content.

Building Your Brand

Even when you decide to stay faceless, creating a standout presence on TikTok is possible.

First, consider your TikTok username as your digital identity.

I think choosing the right username is even more important with a faceless account.

A catchy and memorable username should reflect your niche.

For example, if you’re providing daily dog training tips, having keywords like:

  • paws
  • trainer
  • dog
  • fur
  • four
  • etc

… could immediately show your content’s focus.

Next, consider your profile picture.

Like the right username, it helps viewers know they’ve landed on the right account.

Go for the right images to show what your brand is all about.

It could be a logo, a mascot, or any other visual that aligns with your content.

This image will appear alongside your videos, comments, and interactions on TikTok.

It’s essential to ensure it shows what your brand is about.

Crafting a compelling bio comes next.

Your bio is your chance to introduce your content to the world.

Clearly state what your viewers can expect, adding a bit of personality to make it engaging.

Additionally, include a call to action.

Whether you’re inviting people to subscribe or visit your website, a simple, straightforward call to action can drive engagement and grow your audience base.


The above TikTok ideas will help you go viral on TikTok without showing your face.

From cooking tutorials to fitness routines, there’s something for everyone.

Try out these ideas and see which ones work best for you.

Remember, it’s all about testing to see which ideas work best.

Then, double down on what works while being creative and having fun.

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