7 Best AI Freelancing Ideas of 2024 (to Make $10k a Month)

7 Best AI Freelancing Ideas of 2024 (to Make $10k a Month)

Many people think AI is just for big companies to make lots of money.

And while that’s true… guess what?

Freelancers are using AI to earn big money, too.

If you’re already freelancing (or thinking about starting), why not use AI to your advantage?

In this article, I’ll share the best AI freelancing ideas to help you make money – without depending on a demanding boss just to make ends meet.

Ready to learn how to earn?

What Are The Best AI Freelancing Ideas?

Here’s one of my favourite videos on the best AI freelancing ideas.

I highly encourage you to watch this video first.

Let’s now dive deeper into the best AI freelancing ideas.

1. Long-Form Writing

1. Long-Form Writing

I believe long-form writing is the best tool to capture your audience’s long-term attention.

Today’s digital landscape demands a variety of content types to keep your audience engaged.

Whether it’s:

  • in-depth articles
  • thought-provoking blogs
  • captivating case studies
  • and whitepapers…

…diversity is critical.

Each content type also serves a unique purpose.

For example, articles educate and inform, while blogs create a personal connection.

Case studies build trust and credibility, while whitepapers demonstrate expertise.

You can cater to your target audience’s diverse needs and preferences by leveraging different formats.

However, consistently creating engaging content can be a challenge.

Gone are the days when a simple blog post would suffice.

It also takes a long time to create all this written long-form content.

Enter AI.

While AI can’t replace the creativity and insights of human writers — it can certainly lend a helping hand.

Generative AI tools are handy for:

  • Generating content ideas and outlines
  • Conducting research and gathering data
  • Optimizing content for search engines
  • Ensuring grammatical accuracy

By leveraging AI, freelance writers can streamline their writing processes.

They can also focus on what they do best: crafting compelling narratives.

AI is also an excellent tool when it comes to understanding your audience.

What are your audience’s pain points? What solutions are they seeking?

Tailoring your writing to address these specific needs is essential.

Finally, remember one thing: people crave authentic, relatable content.

Stories, experiences, and unique perspectives are what truly capture an audience.

Google’s EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) guidelines clearly state that content should be written with real people in mind.

The solution?

Balancing AI efficiency with human creativity.

This combination is the key to writing success (and making long-term money) in AI freelance writing.

2. Video Scriptwriting

Ever wondered how some videos just hook you right from the start?

It all lies in having a great script.

With attention spans becoming less than a goldfish’s, hooking your audience (from the first millisecond) is no longer a nice-to-have.

Instead, a video’s opening seconds are the make-or-break moments.

So, how do you create a hook that leaves your audience wanting more?

And more importantly, how do you profit from these “modern-world problems” to make money as a freelancer?

AI can help with both of these answers.

In a nutshell, you leverage AI to create engaging video scripts.

You then sell your skills as a service or use them in your business to get customers.

Here’s an overview of what’s involved.

First, consider what interests an audience.

Are they looking for entertainment? Education? Inspiration?

Tailor your opener to pique their specific interests.

This can come in the form of:

  • a jaw-dropping statistic (that nobody saw coming)
  • relatable anecdotes that are just right for the audience
  • questions that make an audience think

All of these make creating an instant hook easy.

You then have the video content.

Make sure your script isn’t a monotone fest.

Vary it up – through the content itself, on-screen videos and images, or even the voice narration.

Finally, there’s the closing.

As you wrap up, ensure your main point doesn’t just fade away.

Also, tell people what to do next.

For example: “smash that like button if you agree,” “let me know your thoughts in the comments section,” or even “hit subscribe to never miss another video.”

Let’s now consider AI. This tool is great at developing draft scripts to keep viewers glued to the screen.

AI can also help with:

  • The optimal video length
  • Coming up with engaging topic ideas
  • Using effective storytelling structures

AI can also guide your script’s structure, ensuring it flows logically and keeping your audience hooked.

A final note on scriptwriting – as a “human script creator”, it’s your job to:

  • Add your unique voice and perspective
  • Fact-check and refine any AI-generated content

Think of AI as your brainstorming buddy — it can help spark ideas and provide structure.

However, the final product should be unmistakably yours.

3. Paid Social Media Advertising

3. Paid Social Media Advertising

Learning how to place ads on social media platforms (and doing it profitably) is a very useful skill for a freelancer.

And with AI by your side, you can make a lot of money doing this.

It all starts with creating compelling ads.

And similar to video scriptwriting, grabbing your target audience’s attention (a.k.a. stopping the social media scroll) is crucial.

Your ad content needs to be concise, engaging, and persuasive.

This means:

  • Crafting eye-catching hooks and headlines
  • Writing clear and compelling copy
  • Highlighting key benefits and features
  • Including a strong call-to-action (CTA)

Every element of your ad should work together to convince the viewer to take (the right) action.

So how does AI feature in social media advertising?

You can first use AI to help define who your target audience is.

Who is the person reading your ad? What do they want?

How can you offer them something that aligns with their wants, needs, and desires?

AI can also help during the brainstorming session. It can generate various angles, hooks, and content for your ads.

Then, you can use AI to create ad copy that is:

  • Clear and concise
  • Focused on a single key message
  • Written in a conversational tone
  • Free of jargon and complex language

AI can also help you use powerful words (and emotional triggers) to make your copy more impactful.

There’s also another big aspect to making ads work: images.

Visuals are vital in social media ads.

The right image adds to the ad text and makes viewers want to learn more.

You can use AI to create images that:

  • are high-quality and eye-catching
  • relevant to your product or service
  • use text overlays to reinforce your message
  • maintain brand consistency across all ad elements

Remember, your image and copy should guide users along a specific path.

Finally, there’s a third piece to making social media ads work.

And that’s your landing page. This is the website people land on when they click on your ad.

After all, getting clicks on your ad is only half the battle.

Once a viewer lands on your website, the page must deliver on the ad’s promise.

If there’s a disconnect between your ad and the landing page, viewers will feel misled (and hit the back button).

Using AI to ensure the same message and delivery of whatever you promise in your ad is crucial.

By leveraging the power of AI alongside human creativity, freelancers can create ads that grab attention.

They can also drive meaningful results for themselves and their clients.

4. Image and Video Generation

I know I touched on image generation in the previous point.

However, as a freelancer, image and video generation deserves its own point.

There’s so much money you can make in this area.

Artificial intelligence can create works of art that are sometimes indistinguishable from real ones.

AI can also help transform dull text into eye-catching images and videos when creating social posts, promotional materials, and more.

Not only that, but freelancers can also produce engaging visuals in a fraction of the time.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), you won’t need to spend years trying to become a well-rounded artist.

You don’t even have to spend hours crafting the perfect prompt.

At the time of writing this post, you can use AI to produce images (and, to an extent, videos) that are polished and ready to use.

But it’s not just about speed.

AI-generated content can also be customized to align perfectly with your target audience.

Yes, I know. I keep returning to the target audience concept.

However, it’s a super important one. You can’t just use AI without considering who’s consuming your content.

And it’s the same with AI art.

Here’s the bottom line: AI-powered image and video generation is a skill set no freelancer can ignore.

On its own, it’s a skill that can help you hit your income goal faster than ever.

Combined with other AI skills? You’ll be on your way to becoming unstoppable.

5. Local Content Marketing Services

5. Local Content Marketing Services

Looking to build up a freelance content business fast?

Sometimes, the best place to start is right in your backyard.

Many local businesses really want to nail content marketing.

They understand the value doing so will add to their business.

The problem is that they often hit a wall with their limited resources.

It could also be that they simply don’t know where to start.

And that’s where you come in.

When doing local content marketing, I advise you to dive deep into a specific market or industry.

Doing this means you’ll be more specialized and able to quickly get better at what you do.

You’ll also be able to charge more than any generalist can ever do.

Specialization can also come in the form of content types.

Consider these questions:

  • Do businesses need blog posts and longer-form content?
  • Are they more in need of social media?
  • Do they need to get more leads (a.k.a. you’d be more helpful running paid ads)?

Taking some time to answer these questions will help point you in the right direction.

Then, when you have your answers, you can use AI to find ways to speed up the process.

For example, offering personalized marketing is always a good idea for local businesses.

Using AI to come up with unique angles for your content can help you help businesses differentiate themselves from the competition.

You can also use AI to analyze specific data points and find ways to improve.

Look at specific market trends and consumer behavior.

What does the data say regarding how things are working out?

And even more importantly, what does the future look like?

AI can be a great tool to identify patterns and predict what’s coming next.

Here are the key tips for putting your local AI freelancing ideas into practice:

  • Start by pinpointing the neighborhood businesses requiring your services. Look for companies with outdated websites, inactive social media accounts, or no online presence.
  • Reach out to these businesses with a personalized pitch. Explain how you can help them improve their content marketing efforts. Don’t forget to showcase what you’re good at. Even better, highlight your past wins with similar clients.
  • Once you land a client, take the time to thoroughly understand their business, target audience, and marketing goals. Create a content strategy that’s just for them.
  • Over time, use any chance to dig into specific sectors or kinds of writing that could use someone with your expertise. This could involve taking additional training and certifications.
  • Continuously tap into your local circle. Engage deeply within your field by attending major events. You can collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs and create joint ventures that profit both parties.

With local markets, I’d say start small, specialize strategically, and never stop learning and growing.

6. Customer Support Solutions

Today’s shoppers have no patience for slow or generic service.

And that’s where AI-powered customer support solutions come in.

Letting AI take over routine support chats and calls isn’t just about speeding things up.

It allows a business’ human team to dive into more challenging issues with full focus.

As such, nothing beats deploying chatbots for quick and efficient customer service.

Whether it’s:

  • giving an overview of products you sell to
  • updating customers on their order’s status or
  • fixing a small snag

…consider AI chatbots smart helpers that got you covered 24/7.

Even better, AI chatbots are always learning.

With every interaction, AI becomes more savvy at understanding and solving specific customer needs.

And that’s where real AI strength in customer service shines through.

As a freelancer, if you can mix AI with a CRM system, you open the door to understanding what makes a business’ customers tick.

You can help business owners learn about their customers’ habits, preferences, and even how they’ve interacted with support before.

The good news is that companies everywhere are searching for AI wizards to create chatbots.

Combined with knowledge of efficient CRM integration, you’ll probably have more business than you can handle.

If building customer support solutions interests you, there’s never been a better time to jump on this skill.

7. Market Research Services

7. Market Research Services

Market research is powerful for any business.

Understanding your target audience’s needs, preferences, and behaviors is crucial for making informed business decisions.

The problem? Market research takes a long time.

To understand what makes customers tick, you must examine their demographics, psychographics, purchasing habits, and pain points.

This comprehensive approach helps businesses tailor their products, services, and marketing strategies to meet customer needs.

Once market research is complete, there’s also ongoing sentiment analysis.

Understanding customers’ feelings about a brand, products, and services can provide invaluable insights for improving customer experiences and loyalty.

Sentiment analysis involves:

  • examining customer feedback, reviews
  • Looking into various social media posts
  • Analyzing survey responses
  • Processing textual data from various AI models
  • Identifying key themes and training AI models on these themes
  • And much more.

Using natural language processing, these tools can understand a business’s audience’s emotions and attitudes.

Why not use AI to provide your clients with market research and sentiment analysis?

As a freelancer, this is a very valuable service you can offer.

And with so much data you can give AI to analyze, there’s never a shortage of information.

With the right AI tool, you can help companies with:

  • Pattern Recognition: AI uses machine learning to anticipate outcomes before they happen.
  • Forecasting: AI can help forecast demand and optimize pricing by analyzing sales data, economic indicators, and social media activity.
  • Speed: AI processes data quickly, offering near real-time insights. This helps businesses shift gears fast when the market throws a curveball.

Think about how many companies could improve with access to this information—all of them!

There’s also another opportunity you can take advantage of as a freelancer.

Insights are valuable only if they can be understood and used.

What if you build data visualization and reporting tools for companies?

Think interactive dashboards that help clients understand data and make good decisions.

With plenty of no-code AI tools to help you build these dashboards, the amount of money you can charge makes the whole process very interesting.

Here’s the bottom line: if you geek out on data and see the magic of AI in reshaping business landscapes, freelance market research can be a very lucrative niche for you.

Some other AI freelancing ideas include freelance web developer, project management, data science or even a social media manager helping brands show off their AI journey.

Having Realistic Income Expectations

If you’re considering integrating AI into your freelance workflow, having the right expectations is essential.

AI is not a magic wand that instantly turns you into a six-figure freelancer – at least not overnight.

Instead, it’s a tool to help you reduce the time necessary to create stuff.

And if you do it right, you’ll do this without compromising quality.

But remember, using it right needs a game plan and solid know-how.

You must stay on top of things and ensure quality control of any content you produce (AI or not).

So, what’s required to reach the $10K monthly income mark?

Several factors impact your income potential as an AI freelancer:

  • Experience: Mastering AI tools while building solid client relationships will mean you can set higher project rates.
  • Specialization: Focusing on a specific niche or industry can help you command higher rates and build a strong reputation as an expert. The more you know about a client’s field, the better you can tailor your help to be spot-on – it’s all about getting those needs and hurdles just right.
  • Portfolio: The more examples of past (successful) work you can show, the easier it becomes to find more work.
  • Marketing: No one will hire you if they don’t know about you. Marketing yourself (daily) is crucial to getting more work.
  • Continuous Learning: You’ll fall behind unless you stay on top of things. And that’s something you don’t want to happen.

Will AI Take Over Your Job?

I don’t see that happening anytime soon – as long as you embrace AI and use it to your advantage.

Instead of edging humans out, think about how cool it is that we have AI.

With the right use, AI will enable us to have more innovative ideas and lighten the load on any given day.

For talented AI content creators, it can help them generate ideas and produce first drafts more quickly.

For data analysis, AI can process large datasets at unprecedented speeds, uncovering patterns and insights that human analysts might miss.

In customer service, AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can handle routine inquiries, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex issues.

No matter the use case, human oversight is still required to ensure the final product meets your clients’ needs.


If you want to make it as an AI freelancer, your golden ticket is understanding what the tech can and can’t do.

By exploring these AI-driven freelancing ideas, you’re not just keeping up with trends.

You’re also setting yourself up for a future where you control your earnings.

And remember, the beginning is almost always more complicated.

Things will become easier for your freelance business once you’re up and running and building momentum.

At that stage, making $10,000 a month will just be the first goal to hit.

And after that, things will only get better.

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