21 Best Resume Templates for 2023 (Free & Easy Downloads)

21 Best Resume Templates for 2023 (Free & Easy Downloads)

Landing any job isn’t easy; landing your dream job is even more difficult. You need one of the best resumes to stand out. But that’s just the beginning.

Every career advice blog has one thing in common: a fixation on creating an excellent resume.

The only problem is that almost all these blogs talk about regular stuff, like bullet points, sections you should include in a resume, the appropriate resume writing style, resume format, and a few basic resume templates.

In the end, you still might come up empty-handed.

I had my fair share of problems early on in my professional job search. It took me countless interviews before I landed my first entry-level job in digital marketing years ago.

That’s why I browsed through the internet and created a list of some of the best resume template sites to help you stand out in your job search and at least take one problem out of the equation.

This guide will help you find:

  • The best free resume templates.
  • The best options for Microsoft Word.
  • The best you can get via Google Docs.
  • The best professional templates you can buy.
  • The easiest templates to download and print.

Let’s get started.

Disclosure: This article includes a few affiliate links, which may provide a small commission to me at no cost to you. However, these are the best resume templates I’ve discovered in my lengthy online search. You can read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

What Are the Best Resume Templates?

Select a resume template that aligns with your industry and educational background, replace its text with your credentials, and download it to use right away.

This article highlights where to find the 21 best resume templates of 2020 you can create with Google Docs, MS Word, or a PDF editor.

Here are my top picks for the 21 best resume templates.

1. Canva.

Canva Resume Templates

Canva is a graphic design website tool that allows individuals to customize different templates for different items. One of the most significant elements that the site offers is resumes templates.

Canva offers plenty of professionally designed resume templates that can be easily customized to reflect the true potential of the individual. These fantastic features allow users to stand out from the rest of the applicants.

To effectively cater to individuals of different tastes and preferences, the site has a database of approximately 60,000 resume templates.


Due to its vast database of pre-existing templates, Canva offers resumes that are suitable for different industries. From image-heavy templates ideal for designers and architects to highly colorful templates ideal for marketers and advertisers, it has everything for professionals from all walks of life.

And this is why Canva is the best platform to find resume templates.


As indicated, the site has a wide variety of professional templates. Some of the templates are image-heavy, some are colorful while some are traditional resume templates, with no visual designing.

Here are the types of templates offered by Canva:

  • Professional
  • Modern
  • Simple
  • Infographic
  • Minimalist
  • Corporate
  • Creative
  • Photo
  • Colorful
  • Acting
  • Academic
  • Graphic Design
  • College
  • High School
  • Scholarship


The free Canva plan comes with a simple drag and drop editor with limited functionality.

The Canva Pro option is $9.95 per month billed annually (or $12.95/month billed monthly).

With this option, you have access to all the features offered by Canva Pro, including over 60,000 resume templates and 4+ million free images and graphics to use. 

Get started with Canva Pro Resumes today.

2. Resume.io.

Resume.io Templates

Resume.io is one of the best resume platforms on this list. They claim to offer field-tested resume templates that are likely to be accepted by 80 percent of employers.

You also have access to various customization features that help you create a resume that best reflects your experience. The site has a database of over 12 resume templates.


Their resume template options are perfect for first-time resume creators who lack insight on how to create a quality resume from scratch. Resume.io also offers numerous tools to cater to new graduates.


  • Professional Resume Templates
  • Creative Resume Templates
  • Modern Resume Templates
  • Simple Resume Templates


You get a 7-day trial for $2.95. Once your trial period gets over, you can pay $24.95/month or upgrade it for 6-months at $44.95 or 12-months at $74.95.

Create your Resume.io resume for $2.95. 

3. Visme.

Visme Resume Templates

If you are looking for infographic resumes and presentations, then Visme has you covered.

Visme helps you create visual resumes, which should catch a hiring manager’s attention. It also allows individuals to use images along with striking visual design principles to ensure your highlights stand out.

The platform offers 19 awesome-looking resume templates for professionals from all walks of life, including UX Developers, Social Media Managers, Sales Associates, Fashion Designers, Photographers, Teachers, Project Managers, and more.

They feature an easy drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create, edit, and print your resume right in your web browser.


The resume templates are best suited for individuals in professions that are visually driven, like marketers and designers. Visme plans also include their entire suite of templates, including infographics, mind maps, and more.


The platform offers access to 19 different resume templates. The templates are customizable based on the industry they serve and cover a wide range of different designs.


For individuals, the platform has a free basic option with limited features and only allows you to save your files as JPEGs.

Their best option is the Standard Plan at $14/month. It includes access to all premium assets and templates, up to 15 projects, 250MB of storage, and the ability to download your files as PDFs.

You also get access to Visme’s 750 professionally-designed templates, which include not just resumes, but infographics, mind maps, flyers, slide layouts, documents, and more.

You can try the Visme Resume Maker for free and upgrade if you choose.

4. Creative Market.

Creative Market Resume Templates

Creative Market is a community-generated marketplace that allows freelancers to create different graphic items and sell them on their platform. The resume template site offers an extensive database of over 6,202 resume templates.

Basically, it’s like an ecommerce store where you get to purchase resumes.

Creative Market Template Page

You just have to click “Add to Cart” and then “Checkout” to be able to download any resume template. Open the resume template in your computer system and then finally replace the dummy text with your own credentials.


Mostly suited for beginners who don’t mind purchasing a resume without customizing it first.


It has an extensive database of professional albeit generic resumes templates for any industry.


The prices of resume templates depend on the freelancer. However, the average cost is $12 per template.

Get started with Creative Market Resume Templates

5. Zety.

Zety Resume Templates

Zety is a popular name in the industry and offers a database of over 20 impressive resume templates. The visitors also have the opportunity to explore more than 200 career-specific resume examples.

Moreover, Zety is an online resume building service that offers toolboxes to individuals who wish to craft their resumes based on professional advice.

It also provides a resume checker, which offers suggestions on how the users can effectively improve their resume. Zety comes with a flexible text editor that negates any grammatical errors.


Though the resume examples offered by Zety span a variety of professions, the templates are best suited for individuals in IT or Management fields.


The site offers four critical categories of templates. You get different templates that are designed to suit respective categories. Different categories offer resume templates with varied layouts.

Types of resume templates offered by Zety:

  • Creative
  • Professional
  • Modern
  • Simple


The Basic version of Zety is $5.99 per month and allows unlimited downloads and provides access to 4 resume templates. The Premium version comes at $14.99 per month and will enable you to access more advanced features, including 18 resume templates, a cover letter builder, and online resume hosting.


The templates are not customizable. However, you can use Zety to build customized resumes from scratch.

6. Visualize.me.

Visualize.me Resume Templates

Vizualize.me is an online resume builder, primarily used to create infographic-based resumes. This platform helps you transform traditional text-based resumes into more attractive resumes to attract more recruiters.

They offer six pre-existing resume template themes that can be customized to align with the preferences of the user. Along with the templates, it provides access to six-color palettes and more than a dozen font styles.

The best part about this resume platform is that you don’t have to fill out all of your details manually. It allows you to pull information from your LinkedIn profile and create a web-based resume that highlights your experience, career graph, educational background, and references.


The templates are suited for graphic design professionals or individuals seeking jobs in any creative domain.


As indicated, Vizualize.me offers six different themes, namely Crescendo Classic, Lola, CMYKay, Van der Rohe, Crescendo Oval, and Crescendo Pyramid.


The tool is free, but the company is looking to launch a paid version that will cost $50.


  • It completely relies on LinkedIn
  • The dashboard is a bit clunky

7. VisualCV.

VisualCV Resume Templates

VisualCV serves as an online resume builder and at the same time offers over 22 resume template options to help you get the desired job.

The key features include easy management of multiple resumes, easy sharing of resumes, resume analytics, and feedback sourcing on resume effectiveness.

You can either try out their free templates or to have access to more advanced resume templates; you can upgrade to a paid plan. The resumes are entirely customizable and can be published wherever you want.


The site offers a variety of resume suitable for individuals from different professions. The resumes are best for professionals looking to improve and manage their resume on a digital platform as you can quickly format and style an existing resume template.


VisualCV offers 12 different categories of resume templates.

Here are the categories for resume templates:

  • Contemporary Resume Templates
  • Creative Resume Templates
  • Free Resume Templates
  • Modern Resume Templates
  • One Page Resume Templates
  • Online Resume Templates
  • PDF Resume Templates
  • Professional Resume Templates
  • Resume Templates with a Photo
  • Simple Resume Templates
  • Traditional Resume Templates
  • Two Column Resume Templates


The Basic plan is entirely free and only allows access to three resume templates. The Pro version costs $12 per month and offers access to all the necessary and premium templates.


The Freemium plan has minimal functionalities.

8. CakeResume.

CakeResume Home Page

CakeResume allows individuals to create vivid and unique resumes in minutes. With its extensive database of over 50 resume templates, users have plenty of options to choose from.

Moreover, unlike most resume template platforms, CakeResume provides a user-friendly drag and drop editor to customize your resume and align it with your preference. The users also have the option of selecting which layout best highlights their character traits.


Templates offered by CakeResume are best suited for individuals who are drafting their first resumes. It also comes in handy for customizing a pre-existing template.


Every template is properly categorized according to the industry/profession.

Resume template categories include:

  • Design (UI/UX Design, visual, etc.)
  • Engineering (EE, CS, etc.)
  • Management
  • Media (Reporters, Editors, etc.)
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Administrative
  • Technology
  • Service Industry


CakeResume offers three different plans. The Basic option is free, the Advanced plan is $7.95 per month, and the Pro option is $15.95 per month.


The Basic plan has limited options, and the resume will carry a CakeResume logo.

9. Kickresume.

Kickresume Templates

Kickresume is an online resume builder that allows you to of eye-catching resumes and at the same time offers an extensive database of pre-existing resume templates. You can choose from the list of over 50 resume templates and customize them to suit your needs.

It comes with a built-in grammar checker to ensure that the resume has minimal grammar errors. If you’re having a hard time with the content of your resume, you can take inspiration from over 100 resume examples of successful individuals who got hired by companies like Google, Volvo, Amazon, and more.


Kickresume best suited for professionals who are looking for what details to include in their resume. It also helps with the layout and the presentation of your resume.


Kickresume offers a vast variety of resume templates, ranging from Classic to Modern. The templates are grouped by profession, including Sales, Retail, Science, Transportation/Logistics, etc.


The Basic version of Kick Resume is free while the Premium version is $8 per month.


A significant challenge is that customization for the Basic version is significantly restricted. You have to upgrade to the paid plan to access most of the features.

10. ResumeGenius.

ResumeGenius Home Page

Out of all the resume platforms on this list, ResumeGenius offers one of the most extensive template libraries with over 100 resume templates.

The templates are designed to suit any niche, level of experience, educational background, and skillet. It is pretty amazing when it comes to customization features as well and even allows you to personalize websites.

To help you create a perfect resume, ResumeGenius also provides an exclusive “Ask an Expert” service, where you can get assistance from a certified professional resume expert.


Judging from the resources and templates available, ResumeGenius is best suited for first-time resume writers.


You get to choose from multiple categories, including Career & Life Situation resumes, Basic & Simple Designs resumes, Creative Resume Templates, Professional Resume Templates, and Modern Resume Templates.


You get a 14-day trial, where you get access to unlimited resumes and cover letters for $1.95. After the 14-day trial, the cost is $39.95 per month.


It comes with a hefty price tag, especially when compared to other players in the market.

11. AMCAT.

AMCAT Resume Templates

Amcat offers text-based resume templates for new graduates. Although most of the resume templates are pretty basic, the platform also provides a few infographic resumes.

You get to choose from four primary sections based on your educational background. When you dive into each section, you will see multiple sub-categories.


New graduates


The main categories are based on educational background:

  • Engineers
  • Business
  • Humanities
  • Science


Entirely free of cost.


  • Limited categories
  • No customization options
  • Resume templates look bland

12. Novo Resume.

Novo Resume Template

Novo Resume is another online resume builder that is designed to make the process of resume creation extremely easy. One of its most prominent features includes live resume feedback, aimed at helping users improve their resume content.

It scans your resume to point out any missing information like contact info, summary statement, and more.

It also features different samples for beginners and several resume layouts that one can use. Most importantly, the platform offers eight different resume templates that can be used right away, without any customization or resume building.


It is perfect for job seekers who are freshly graduated and are barely starting out in the industry.


  • Functional
  • Modern
  • Simple
  • Creative
  • Basic
  • Professional
  • College
  • Executive


To access advanced resume building features, you would have to shell out $24.95 per month. However, to download a resume template, simply sign-up by providing your email address and click “Download” for a free PDF template.


  • Minimal number of templates
  • Not the best option for experienced professionals

13. Hloom.

Hloom Resume Templates

Hloom offers over 400 Microsoft Word templates that are organized by industry and job title. You can customize the template and fill in the blanks to receive a ready-to-use resume.


Hloom is perfect for both beginners and professionals. However, it mostly offers traditional-looking text-based resumes. So, if you are looking for something more fun and eye-catching, then Hloom is probably not for you.


Templates are mostly professional and basic looking. They are categorized by industry and job-title, including Engineering, Real Estate, Customer Service & Retail, and more.


The resume templates are entirely free of cost.


  • The site contains plenty of ads, which can be irritating
  • The templates are not segmented, making it challenging to find the right resume

14. My Perfect Resume.

My Perfect Resume Templates

My Perfect Resume builder offers over 50 resume templates to choose from, ranging from modern to creative. They also provide cover letter templates!

You also get a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to create an eye-catching resume. Primary tools include a resume builder, resume examples, and resume templates.


Ideal for both beginners and experienced job-seekers. Also perfect for professional resume writers.


The resume templates are grouped based on their style.

  • Professional Resume Template
  • Modern Resume Template
  • Creative/Contempo Resume Template

You can also view the templates by different industries, such as Insurance, Accounting and Finance, Architecture, Business, Computers and Technology, Childcare, and so forth.


There is a 14-day trial for $2.95, which is sufficient if you are looking for one-off use. You can upgrade it to the monthly plan that costs $24.95.


Limited customization features

15. Enhancv.

Enhancy Resume Templates

Dubbed the best online resume builder, Enhancv is a free resume creation site that allows users to create customized resumes in a few minutes. It features over 200+ resume examples and templates, specially built to highlight your best skills, experience, and educational background.


Enhancv caters to everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional looking for a job change. When it comes to the design and layout, then also Enhancv has options for everyone.


  • Modern
  • Professional
  • Creative
  • Traditional

Templates are further divided into categories based on the industry and job type.


The cost ranges from $10.99 (when billed every six months) and goes up to $19.99 per month (when billed once a month).


According to online reviews, customer support is slow.

16. Resume-Now.

Resume-Now Templates

Like most resumes template platforms on this list, Resume-Now offers an extensive database of templates. However, you have to add all of your information and essential credentials manually. The professionals at Resume-Now claim to work with recruiters to design resume templates that are ready-to-use and can be formatted automatically.

Other than that, the whole process is quick and straightforward. You can download your favorite resume template in a single click. Users have the option of creating their resume from scratch or select one resume template from its database of over 20 templates.


Resume-Now offers resume templates for multiple industries and is compatible with both Microsoft Word and PDF. It is a perfect source for those who need extra assistance with their resumes.


  • Professional
  • Creative
  • Modern
  • Traditional Classic

Other than that, the resume templates are grouped by industry and job title, including Accounting and Finance, Architecture, etc.


Resume-Now offers a 14-day trial period for only $1.95 after which you will have to upgrade to a $39.90 per month plan.


It is considerably more expensive than most of its competitors.

17. LiveCareer.

LiveCareer Resume Templates

LiveCareer offers hundreds of resume templates to help you make a great first impression on a prospective employer. Their resume templates are ready-to-use and easily downloadable.

It depends on your requirements whether you want to use the templates right away or customize them according to your industry/job type.


Professionals who are looking to improve their resumes


  • Modern
  • Professional
  • Creative
  • Traditional

The resume templates differ based on design and style. For instance, if you plan to apply for an accounting position, you can use a professional resume. For a graphic designer position, you might want to go for a creative resume template.


You can use LiveCareer for free of cost. However, to access advanced features, you have to upgrade to paid plans. You can avail a 14-day free trial at $1.95, and after that, the cost is $19.95 per month.


You don’t have access to customization services unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

18. Lucidpress.

Lucidpress Resume Templates

Lucidpress has an extensive database of over 100 resume templates. Other template services include brochures, business cards, flyers, posters, newsletters, etc.

One of the best things about this resume site is that it offers a variety of fonts you can choose from. The templates are designed specifically to help you impress the hiring managers, with properly segmented experience and education sections. While the resume designs are not customizable, you can build an entirely customizable resume using Lucidpress’s resume builder.


If you are looking for professional resume templates, then Lucidpress is the right option. However, don’t expect to find excessively visual resume templates on this platform, although it offers four infographic resumes templates.


  • Simple Resume templates
  • Creative Resume templates
  • Infographic Resume templates
  • Modern Resume templates


LucidPress offers one freemium version. The paid plan is $12.95 per month.


There’s no option for template customization.

19. Resume Viking.

Resume Viking Templates

Resume Viking is another great resume building platform that provides people with the tools and resources required to create excellent resumes.

You just have to enter all of your essential details like personal information, details on previously held positions, academic information, languages you know, etc. Then select your design, create and download your resume.

The platform also has a click and drag design option which facilitates the rapid customization of the resumes.

You also get over 23 pre-existing PDF and word resume templates.


First-time resume creators who lack insight on how to create a quality resume.


Resume Viking has grouped all the templates in 5 different categories, including:

  • Professional Resumes
  • Modern Resumes
  • Creative Resumes
  • Word Resume Templates
  • PDF Resume Templates


Completely free of cost.


The templates are not customizable, which makes it difficult for individuals to personalize their resumes.

20. Overleaf.

Overleaf Resume Templates

Overleaf provides a wide range of resume templates, which can be easily customized, using LaTeX editor, to fit your professional goal. From academic resumes to fancy resumes, it offers various options for each individual.

Most resumes are designed deftly to portray your skills in the best light. This is achieved by neatly diving the resume templates in different sections, namely, employment history, education, skills, experience, publications, etc.


From novice graduates to experienced professionals, it is perfect for everyone, irrespective of their job type.


The templates are grouped by their range of style -– classical, professional, academic, plain, and fancy. However, there’s no option to filter them based on any criteria.


It offers a free package for solo users. The Collaborator plan is $15 per month, and the Professional plan is $30 per month.


  • LaTeX environment makes it somewhat difficult to customize the templates

21. CoolFreeCV.

CoolFreeCV Resume Templates

With an extensive database of about 12 resume templates, CoolFreeCV helps you choose a template that is perfectly suited to your industry or profession. The best part about this platform is that you don’t even have to sign up.

Simply select the resume you like and click on the “download” option. The template (in Doc or Docx format) will get downloaded within seconds. Once downloaded, you can then change the text as per your preference and experience.


If you are looking for easily downloadable, albeit text-based and straightforward resume templates, then it is an excellent option for you.


The resume templates are grouped by industry/job type. Each section has two templates.

  • IT Industry
  • Work in Trade / Cashier / Dealer
  • Gastronomy, Hotels, Restaurants
  • Finance / Managers
  • Production / Manufacture
  • Graphic Web Designer & Motion Graphic Designer


Completely free of cost. Templates get downloaded with a single click.


The templates are not customizable. After downloading the template, you can replace the default text with your own credentials.

What Are Resume Templates?

A resume is an essential tool that allows job seekers to make a favorable impression on their prospective employers.

It is a summary of an individual’s employment history, professional experience, work history, education, qualifications, certifications, contact information, and other pertinent information that make the person best suited for a particular job position.

There are different approaches when it comes to resume writing. You can use modern templates to stand out, a chronological resume to tell your story, a functional resume for analytical roles, or other graphic templates if you’re in a creative industry. A good resume is always unique to the job description.

Most people learn how to write resumes while still in school. However, for those who face challenges with resume creation, there exist several ready-to-use resume templates.

Summing It Up.

A resume is much more than just black words on a white page. It helps you define your achievements, work experience, future goals, and educational background succinctly and in the best light.

While making up your mind to select a resume template site, don’t get carried away by the design and style alone. Pick a template that is not only eye-catching but helps you stand out from the competition.

I’d personally go with Canva or a similar resume template site since it not only wins in the aesthetics department but also provides templates based on individuals’ job type or profession.

Take some time to pick a suitable template, or better yet, test out different resume templates in different formats and see which template results in more interviews.

Which resume template site are you planning to use to grab maximum interviews?

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