12 Best Niche Site Ideas for Bloggers (Ultimate Guide for 2024)

12 Best Niche Site Ideas for Bloggers (Ultimate Guide for 2024)

Niche sites are an awesome way to build passive income and blogging experience.

But there’s always one place a lot of people get stuck—and arguably, it’s at the most important step: figuring out which niche your site will focus on.

Choosing the best niche blog idea can feel overwhelming and time-consuming; there are about a billion choices out there. Make the wrong step and it can be a lot harder to make money blogging.

But finding a great niche with low keyword competition and great affiliate programs can make your path to building a successful online business out of your site so much easier.

How do you pick the best niche site ideas? This guide shares 12 of the best industries to start an affiliate site around. We’ll cover:

  • What is a niche site?
  • What makes a good niche website idea?
  • How niche is too niche?
  • 12 best niche site ideas for bloggers

What is a niche site?

A niche site is a website that focuses on a small part of a broader market with the end goal of monetization. To make money online with a niche blog, you need digital marketing chops, a methodical approach, and hustle.

There are multiple paths to make money with niche sites, including:

  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Ads
  • Online courses
  • Digital products
  • Consulting services
  • Sponsored posts

Switchback Travel is one example of a niche site. It compiles the best outdoor gear for several categories—many of which mention a product the blogger earns commission on.

Switchback Travel

Once you get to a certain level of traffic (think 50,000+ visits per month), you can add display ads to your niche site for even more passive income. I recommend you check out AdSense alternatives like Mediavine or AdThrive, which provide higher earnings than Google AdSense.

What makes a good niche website idea?

Anyone can pick something to write about and call it a day. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to get traffic, rank for quality keywords, or make any affiliate income. To do that, you need to start with the perfect niche idea.

What you want is to start a blog that has earning potential from the start. For more in-depth strategies, you can read this step-by-step guide on how to start a successful blog this year.

Focus on four primary income drivers of any successful niche site:

  • Affiliate products: Look for high priced items where you can make more selling one thing, rather than programs where you need to sell dozens of items to make it a profitable niche.
  • Commission rates: Browse different affiliate networks and Google individual affiliate programs to see their commission rates. This is the percentage you make for each sale. You’ll also want to check the cookie duration—the window of time that you get credit for the sale after the affiliate link is clicked.
  • Keywords: Do keyword research to find phrases that have a high search volume but low competition or difficulty score. Different SEO tools like Ahrefs will help you find great keywords you can use to drive search traffic to your niche blog.
  • Competition: Are other people making money in this niche? Keep an eye out for product reviews with affiliate links—that generally means it’s a program with high commissions. Typically, the higher a company is placed in an affiliate article, the higher their earnings.

Sean Ogle, founder of Location Rebel, has a basic formula he likes to use as a starting point when thinking about niche topics:

“Good buying keyword traffic + review posts with affiliate links + high priced products that offer good commission rates = a pretty good chance people are out there making money in this niche.”

Without any of these, it’s going to be an uphill battle to see progress from your niche site idea. If you don’t build your blog around a specific topic with good keywords and affiliate programs, you’re not going to get any traffic.

And that means you’re not going to make any money as a full-time blogger.

The best niche site ideas for bloggers

  1. Remote work software
  2. Video and recording equipment
  3. Outdoors equipment
  4. Expensive sports
  5. Parenting niche
  6. Recipes for diet restrictions
  7. Home gym equipment
  8. Scrapbooking supplies
  9. Streaming services
  10. Pet products
  11. Personal finance
  12. Travel niche sites

Feel free to click on any of the above links to jump directly to the specific section.

1. Remote work software

Raise your hand if you’ve had a Zoom call in the last week or two. (Pretty much everyone would raise their hands to that.)

Since so many people now work from home, remote tools are in higher demand than they’ve ever been. People need all sorts of stuff they’ve never thought about before, including:

  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Ring lights
  • Laptop stands
  • Second screens
  • Wireless keyboards

Then there’s software (video conferencing tools, team messaging apps, webinar software) that remote workers need—all of which require monthly subscriptions and many have affiliate programs. Create tutorials for each affiliated software and publish them on your niche site.

Take it from niche blogger Emery Bowles who chose this niche after enrolling in Blog Growth Engine: “I’ve worked with remote workers and managed remote teams for years, so this niche was an easy choice for me to create my own blog.”

“Many remote working SaaS companies have affiliate programs, such as Deel, Monday.com, ClickUp, HubStaff, and many others,” Emery says. “Add in Amazon affiliate [links] for just about anything a remote worker would need, from laptops to monitor stands.”

While the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program’s recent commission cuts have made it a little less appealing than it used to be, it’s still an easy way to start. Pick the remote working tools you want to highlight, create killer reviews for them, and post away on your site.

2. Video and recording equipment

With so many social media platforms pushing video content, there’s a new wave of creators looking to make money by posting videos online.

Even if you aren’t into podcasting or becoming a YouTuber yourself, there are a lot of niche site ideas within this industry.

Think of all those people who are at the beginner and intermediate stage of getting a YouTube channel or podcast up and running. They are just getting started, are yet to make money with their podcast, and are looking for tips and tools for beginners.

You can create a niche site all around the best gear for it, including:

The best part: As you gain a little bit of traction with your niche site, many big affiliate programs in this space (like B&H Photo and Adorama) will actually send you video equipment that you can borrow for reviews.

Gerald Undone is one of the most impressive examples of this niche site idea in action. Boasting more than 400K subscribers on his YouTube channel, he demonstrates how you can leverage YouTube and video to grow your niche site.

Gerald Undone

3. Outdoors equipment

Obsessive hikers and campers are willing to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on the latest gear. They contribute to the outdoor gear and equipment market which is set to hit a $75330 million valuation by 2028.

Plus, it’s a niche that’s not oversaturated, and you can find all sorts of micro niche opportunities within the industry.

For example, you could create a niche site around:

  • Women hikers
  • Camping with kids
  • Hiking with dogs

Either way, more and more people are going to be looking to get out into nature over the next few years as the pandemic’s aftermath led to permanent shifts in priorities and travel plans.

Monetize your outdoors niche website with affiliate schemes like the Bass Pro affiliate program, or sponsored posts from companies in the outdoors niche who want to position themselves in front of your audience.

4. Expensive sports

It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on just one golf club in your bag, not to mention range finders, balls, and shoes. But golfing isn’t the only opportunity for this.

Think about people who love stand up paddleboarding—a single board can easily run from $300 to $1,500 and beyond. Build up a quality site around paddleboards. Now you’ve got the potential to make some real money from your niche site.

Plus, you can toss in all the extra gear that you need for paddleboarding—including oars, car racks, storage racks, life jackets, and so on.

Fishing Sensei

Think about other expensive niche sports too; hang gliding, cycling, wind sailing, and fishing all come to mind—the latter of which was a niche site idea used by Reuben Lim, blogger at Fishing Sensei.

Reuben says: “I chose this niche not just because I have a passion (the more appropriate word would be obsession, but I decided to stick with passion) for fishing, but more importantly, because it is in my opinion, not too competitive and has good traffic.

“I was aware that fishing isn’t a very big niche, so my income potential would be limited,” Reuben says. “But being a complete novice, I decided it was better to stick with something that earned less, but that I could likely succeed in.”

The niche site idea has proven to be a profitable one for Reuben: “As for how I monetize the blog, I do it through affiliate marketing and display ads, with affiliate marketing bringing in most of the dough (about 85% of our total monthly revenue of $4K USD).”

5. Parenting niche

Studies estimate it costs people $310,605 to raise a child. Within that annual spend is a range of different baby and children products that you can earn money promoting through a parenting blog.

Exploding Topics reports that monthly searches for the following keywords are on the rise over the last two years:

Niche down even further by focusing on a specific target audience within the parenting industry.

Katie McCann, for example, runs From Bump To Bubble—an affiliate website with a focus on breastfeeding, pumping, pregnancy, and the postpartum journey.

“As a breastfeeding counselor and a mom of two, I’ve experienced the challenges and joys of this journey firsthand,” Katie says. “Moreover, breastfeeding is an evergreen topic with consistent search volumes, making it a sustainable niche.”

Katie says she’s “Leveraging affiliate programs related to parenting and baby products. As I continue to grow my platform and audience, I have plans to create a course and a membership site tailored to new parents navigating the breastfeeding journey.”

from bump to bubble

6. Recipes for diet restrictions

Food blogs feature some of the most successful niche sites out there.

With high-end tools and cooking affiliate programs becoming more common, people are spending money on both the food and accessories needed to prepare their meals.

Sites like Wirecutter have built a loyal following because it reviews a ton of kitchen and cooking supplies. You can do the same thing, just niche down.

Consider creating a niche site around just one of those types of products or recipes. Perhaps a site all about the best blenders for green or raw foods enthusiasts, or the best Japanese knives or marble pastry boards.

eggless cooking

Or, in Madhuram Prabhakar’s case, Eggless Cooking—a niche recipe blog specifically for people who don’t eat eggs: “I realized there was a need among individuals like myself who wanted to bake desserts without eggs for dietary, allergic, or ethical reasons.”

Madhuram uses multiple monetization strategies to earn money from his niche site, including:

  • Ad placements through Google AdSense and Mediavine
  • Amazon affiliate links
  • Sponsored posts and reviews

“By consistently delivering high-quality content, I have been able to build steady traffic to my blog, which now contributes to my consistent ad and affiliate income,” Madhuram says. “I believe the key to my success lies in addressing a specific need within my niche and doing so with integrity and genuine passion.”

7. Home gym equipment

The home gym niche surged in popularity over the pandemic when people were forced to workout from home. But it’s a trend that’s not going to end anytime soon.

According to Exploding Topics, searches for “home gym kit” have increased by 3,600% over the last year:

home gym kit

Specialized home gym equipment is a great area to build a niche site. It’s where you can really find some up and coming niches is by investigating growing workout trends, such as:

  • Crossfit
  • Kettlebells
  • Flexibility and mobility equipment
  • Yoga mats

Not to mention more high tech options in fitness like Peloton or NordicTrack, or fitness trackers such as the Apple Watch.

Tom Eskey, creator at Garage Gym Revisited, is one blogger using this niche site idea to make money online: “As someone who has been working out in my garages, basements, and utility rooms for years, the niche couldn’t have been more perfect.

“Currently, I review a variety of fitness and related products on my website,” Tom says. “I include my insights and suggestions and include affiliate links to the reviewed products if interested readers wish to purchase them. I earn a small commission from these purchases.”

Tom adds that he is also in the process of developing his own products to sell through his niche blog: “These will be informational supplements directly related to some of the content on the website.”

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8. Scrapbooking supplies

If you’re a creative person and like craft making, the scrapbooking industry is a great niche site idea you can use to make money from your DIY projects.

The best part? Scrapbooking isn’t a hobby that people left in the 2000s. TikTok videos with the hashtag #scrapbook have racked up more than 3.4 billion views (and counting). People are still interested in documenting their memories in a physical scrapbook.

Capitalize on this niche by creating scrapbooking guides for different life events, such as:

  • Valentine’s Day scrapbooking ideas
  • How to scrapbook your birthday
  • Creating a baby scrapbook
  • How to host a scrapbook date

Monetize your niche site by joining the Amazon Affiliates Program and recommending scrapbooking supplies—be that scissors, tape, photo albums, or home printers—in your blog content.

Amazon Affiliates Program

9. Streaming services

Studies show that 83% of people in the US subscribe to at least one streaming service.

People have the choice to stream from leading platforms like Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video, as well as niche options like have Disney+, HBOmax, and at least a dozen others.

Between all of them, you can pretty much watch anything you want. The hard part is trying to figure out what you can watch—and on which platform.

Capitalize on this growing trend by creating a niche site devoted to the different streaming software and services, reviews, content updates, and so on.

For example, you could create a niche site that shares:

  • Price comparisons of popular streaming services
  • Where to watch popular shows (e.g. “How to watch The Little Mermaid online”)
  • Top picks by genre on each streaming service

There are certainly some affiliate opportunities with this niche site idea, but display ads would also be a great monetization tactic for blogs like this. Building a high-quality email list and sending streaming updates would also be a good strategy to keep readers engaged.


10. Pet products

If you’re a pet owner, then you know how important they are to our lives. We not only love them but care for them as if they were part of the family.

This is why the pet niche is a superb way to make money blogging. You’ll capture some of the $136.8 billion that American pet owners spend on their furry friends each year.

From giving tips on how to groom your pet or selecting the right food for them, to providing advice on how to care for sick animals, there’s an endless list of topics that you can write about for your pet blog.

If you wanted to go all-in on pets as a niche site, you could go in many different directions.

For example, pair a few key pet tech affiliates with all sorts of other pet-related and complementary affiliate programs. How about a niche site all about the best pet-friendly hotels in the U.S or New England?

Or, blog about pet technology. This gear is pricey and often has higher affiliate commission rates than the standard 5-8% you see in many places.

Alternatively, bag higher commission links by blogging about pet insurance. Most people end up getting pet insurance since a visit to the vet can cost a lot of money, and a lot of the biggest pet insurance companies also offer affiliate programs for niche bloggers to promote.

11. Personal finance

The personal finance niche is a tough one to break into. Google’s YMYL algorithm—which impacts sites that talk about people’s money or life—means you need to prove you’re an expert on the topic to stand a chance at ranking in search engines for related terms.

That said, if you are a true expert (such as an accountant or investor), there’s money to be made from this specific niche.

You could blog about:

Making Sense of Cents is one example of how you can make money using this niche site idea.

Founder Michelle Schroeder-Gardner started the affiliate site as a way to document paying off her student loans. Now, the blog makes money by recommending affiliate products, selling online courses, and publishing sponsored posts.

12. Travel niche sites

There are a lot of commissions to be had in the travel world, and hotels, and real estate in general. By coming up with a unique angle to approach hotels, you could see some great returns in your own niche market.

If the idea of this feels daunting (and like a lot of work), then try and niche down even more.

Examples of travel niche ideas within this industry include:

  • Niche by budget. Showcase the best travel destinations for people on a budget, or target the opposite end of the scale by showcasing the most luxurious hotel stays for people who aren’t afraid to splurge on premium travel.
  • Focus on a specific city. Jeremy Jones of Discover the Burgh, for example, has created an entire niche website about the city of Pittsburgh.
  • Niche by travel companion. You could create a niche site for solo travelers, families with small children, empty nesters, or people who travel with their pet.

Keep in mind the commission percentages aren’t huge for travel affiliates. But when you consider single bookings can easily be a thousand dollars or more, it can add up fast.

discover the burgh

Don’t be afraid to niche even further

Most “niche” ideas you have are probably more accurate industries. Golf, travel, and video games for instance are all industries. In order to differentiate yourself and create a successful authority site, you need to think smaller.

As an example, golf is an industry and has a ton of competition. With plenty of golf affiliate programs, finding a sub niche is key.

Golf equipment is a niche, but still has quite a bit of competition.

Golf swing improvement tools is a niche-within-a-niche. There’s less competition, it’s very focused, and there’s a lot of potential to make money faster.

Remember: you have to be the clear leader in your niche. If you don’t have confidence that you can be a top 10 golfing website, niche down and be known for something a little smaller.

Use these niche site ideas to start your own blogging business

Regardless of what kind of niche site you want to run, there are many potentially great ideas out there that can bring in passive income. All you need to do is spend some time finding the right ideas and then getting to work.

Approach your niche site like it’s a business. Choose a domain name and find the right combination of long-tail keywords, affiliate programs, and traffic that will get people to your site and primed to buy.

From there, it’s all about creating killer content that educates your readers and builds trust. If they can trust what you’re telling them, they are going to be far more likely to buy from you.

If you’ve been thinking about taking one of these niche site ideas to get your blogging business up and running, there’s no better time than now.

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