14 Best Digital Marketing Jobs You Can Do From Home (And Where To Find Them)

14 Best Digital Marketing Jobs You Can Do From Home (And Where To Find Them)

Looking for a digital marketing job where you can work from home?

I’ve worked in marketing for over seven years, originally starting at an SEO agency and now working as a freelance content marketer. Now, I work from home, get to exercise my creativity, and work with brands all over the world.

I’m not alone in loving this career path. Marketing jobs make up most of Indeed’s top 25 jobs that offer the best work/life balance.

This guide shares 14 of the best digital marketing jobs you can do from home. We’ll rank each job type by the salary potential, skills and qualifications required, and where you can find each remote job online.

14 digital marketing jobs you can do from home

  1. Copywriter: Low barrier to entry and plenty of paying work. Great for creative types.
  2. Digital content strategist: High in demand with great salary potential.
  3. User experience designer: A great mix of creativity and analytical thinking.
  4. Email marketer: High income potential and easy to get started.
  5. SEO specialist: Lots of in-house, agency, and freelance gigs available.
  6. Social media specialist: Most people already have the necessary skills to get started.
  7. Advertising or paid media specialist: Suited for those who are career- and money-driven.
  8. Demand generation specialist: High salary potential and great for salespeople.
  9. Artificial intelligence specialist: Interesting career that changes by the week.
  10. Graphic designer: The ideal creative job to work from home or be self-employed.
  11. PR or partnerships manager: Use your relationship-building skills for good.
  12. Marketing account manager: Ideal for those wanting to work in an agency.
  13. Marketing project manager: Great for leaders who want change every few months.
  14. Digital marketing manager: High salary potential where you can have control over the entire marketing strategy.

1. Copywriter


Experience level: Entry-level plus

Average copywriter salary: $55K – $90K per year

Employment options: In-house, marketing agency, or freelance

Someone with the copywriter job title writes text for a business. They work closely with content marketers and advertising executives to write copy that convinces customers to take action (usually to buy a business’ products or services).

A copywriter’s job can revolve around writing copy for websites, landing pages, social media ads, emails, blogs, and ecommerce product descriptions.

If you’re looking to land this type of digital marketing job, you’ll need strong writing, problem-solving, and psychological skills. Creative thinking and the ability to research can help you stand out from other copywriters.

The best thing about becoming a copywriter is that the workload is varied, there’s a ton of demand, and it’s relatively easy to get started. If you’ve got a portfolio of work (or your own blog!), you could land freelance copywriting gigs within the next month.

Courses and qualifications for a copywriter:

Copywriter job description:

  • Brainstorm new marketing copy ideas
  • Create copywriting briefs
  • Conduct interviews and market research
  • Write and edit copy for a range of marketing channels
  • Use SEO best practices to write copy that ranks in search engines
  • Source images, videos, and supporting visuals
  • Format website copy

“I started my career as a blog writer, so that’s what I specialize in,” says Milo Cruz, content lead at Buddy CRM. “As I gained more experience, I learned other things like SEO, social media, and email marketing. I also studied Google Analytics and picked up other skills like keyword research and how to manage a content calendar.”

Where to find remote copywriting jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow copywriting influencers like Elna Cain, Kayla Hollatz, Ann Handley, and Richard Steele on LinkedIn.

2. Digital content strategist

Digital content strategist

Experience level: Mid-level to senior

Average salary: $64K – $108K per year

Employment options: In-house, agency, or freelance

A content strategist is someone who puts together a plan for how a business will use content to reach its target audience. You’ll oversee other content-based roles—including copywriters—and make sure your content is bringing business results.

The best content strategists have great planning and communication skills. They’re also clued up on other marketing fundamentals, such as SEO and user experience.

The most exciting thing about becoming a content manager is that both the average salary and demand for content professionals are high. Technology brands, in particular, pay big bucks for content managers who can manage editorial calendars and drive traffic towards their website.

Experienced content strategists can earn upwards of $200,000 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.

Courses and qualifications for a content manager:

Content strategist job description:

  • Researching to stay up-to-date with industry trends
  • Developing or following tone of voice and branding guidelines
  • Conducting content analysis to make sure content is meeting the business’ goals
  • Delegating tasks to copywriters or editors
  • Managing an editorial calendar and managing new content initiatives
  • Updating and refreshing old content

“For anyone looking to follow this same path of content marketing, I’d advise them to stay adaptable, as the digital marketing environment changes rapidly,” says Mia Comic, content marketer at Instrumentl.

“Constant learning is crucial. Make use of online courses and resources to keep updated with the latest trends. Having a mentor to guide you can also be incredibly beneficial.”

Where to find remote content strategy jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow content marketing influencers like Jimmy Daly, Tracey Wallace, Melanie Deziel, Chima Mmeje, and Ross Simmonds on LinkedIn.

3. User experience designer

User experience designer

Experience level: Mid-level to senior

Average salary: $71K – $123K per year

Employment options: In-house, agency, or freelance

A user experience (UX) designer is like a problem solver for websites and apps. It’s their job to make sure any interaction a customer has with a brand is user-friendly experience. They design how a digital product, website, or app looks and feels.

The best UX designers have great problem-solving skills—they need to find the friction a user experiences and figure out how to fix it. Other great skills include visual design, analytics, empathy, and research.

The best part about being a UX designer is that you can exercise your own creativity. Your job is to experiment with colors, loading speed, and layouts—something you don’t always get free reign over when working in digital marketing.

Courses and qualifications for a UX designer:

UX marketer job description:

  • Create prototypes or wireframes for websites, landing pages, and mobile apps
  • Collaborate with designer and developers to make channels more user-friendly
  • Conduct competitor analysis and user research/testing
  • Run A/B usability tests
  • Work with website design platforms like WordPress, Figma, or Adobe Illustrator

Where to find remote UX design jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow influencers like Sarah Doody, Hang Xu, Tommy Geoco, and Sarah Gibbons on LinkedIn.

4. Email marketer

Experience level: Mid-level to senior

Average salary: $51K – $76K per year

Employment options: In-house, agency, or freelance

Email marketing is a subset of digital marketing. Someone who works on this marketing channel is responsible for building an email list, segmenting subscribers (categorizing them into groups depending on the actions they’ve taken), and sending emails. The ultimate goal is to turn subscribers into paying customers for the business.

The best email marketers have analytical, conversion rate optimization, and copywriting skills. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is also a big plus.

If you love writing stories, building sequences, and pouring over analytics, email marketing is the perfect digital marketing job for you. The role is super easy to get into, and you can even grow to get paid recurring revenue for commissions earned on product sales.

Courses and qualifications for email marketers:

Email marketer job description:

  • Grow and prune email lists
  • Create and build on email templates
  • Segment email subscribers to deliver personalized marketing campaigns
  • Split-test email subject lines, content, calls to action, and images
  • Track and analyze email campaign performance

Where to find remote email marketing jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow email marketing influencers like Val Geisler, Chase Dimond, and Samar Owais on LinkedIn.

5. SEO specialist

SEO specialist

Experience level: Entry-level plus

Average salary: $56K – $99K per year

Employment options: In-house, agency, or freelance

An SEO specialist is someone who improves a website’s ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They work closely with content managers, UX designers, and technical teams to make sure the website is accessible and optimized for both searchers and crawlers.

The best SEO/SEM specialists have a diverse skill set that includes strong analytical skills, knowledge of HTML and CSS coding, and excellent collaboration.

Becoming an SEO specialist is an incredibly rewarding career path. You can experiment with different SEO strategies to figure out what works, and get credit for helping all marketing verticals convert more customers. A search engine is oftentimes the final touchpoint before a customer buys.

Courses and qualifications for SEO executives:

SEO specialist job description:

  • Monitor search engine algorithms
  • Create and optimize blogs, landing pages, and website pages for SEO
  • Work with UX designers to ensure people have a great experience on the site
  • Partner with social media teams to drive website traffic
  • Build backlinks and internal links
  • Edit website code to ensure search crawlers can access it
  • Monitor performance with SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, or Google Search Console

Where to find remote SEO executive jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow SEO influencers like Brian Dean, Nathan Gotch, and Joost de Valk on LinkedIn.

6. Social media specialist

Social media specialist

Experience level: Entry level plus

Average salary: $42K – $67K per year

Employment options: In-house, agency, or freelance

A social media executive posts content and builds a community for a business on social media. This can include (but isn’t limited to) Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

To excel in this digital marketing job, you’ll need a keen eye for trends, excellent communication skills, and a knack for analyzing data to drive engagement and growth on social media.

The best part about becoming a social media specialist is that it’s an easy role to get into. If you’ve built your own Instagram following or have been on social media since Facebook first launched, you probably already have the skills and knowledge to get started. Plus, you get to hang out on social media all day (like most of us do anyway).

Courses and qualifications for social media managers:

Social media coordinator job description:

  • Create short-form content (such as tweets or infographics) for branded social media accounts
  • Maintain a company’s reputation
  • Schedule social media posts at optimal times
  • Provide customer support to people via social media
  • Explore social media trends to stay relevant
  • Report on social media performance

Where to find remote social media jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow social media influencers like Jack Appleby, Savannah Sanchez, and Sophie Miller on LinkedIn.

7. Advertising or paid media specialist

Advertising or paid media specialist

Experience level: Entry-level plus

Average salary: $53K – $92K per year

Employment options: In-house, agency, or freelance

A paid media specialist is an expert who focuses on managing and optimizing paid advertising campaigns. This includes using Google Ads (PPC) or Facebook Ads to drive traffic and conversions for a business.

To succeed in this digital marketing job you’ll need skills in data analysis, budget management, social media platform expertise, and a knack for creating compelling ad copy and visuals.

Advertising is an excellent career choice if you’re creative and money-driven, but don’t like selling in-person. Some companies even offer bonuses depending on how many sales you make through your adverts, bumping up the already-high salary potential.

Courses and qualifications for advertisers:

Paid media specialist job description:

  • Run paid ads across a variety of online and offline marketing channels
  • Define the target audience for paid ads
  • Work with copywriters and graphic designers to produce engaging ads
  • Monitor advertising budgets and performance
  • Split-test advertising creatives—including copy, images, and targeting
  • Use appropriate tracking tools to see the impact of paid ads

I work closely with various digital platforms; mainly Google Ads, Twitter (or X) Ads, Facebook Ads, and email marketing to generate leads, position brands, and improve revenue streams,” says advertising specialist Claire Jarrett.

“What I love about my job is the transformative impact it has on businesses. It’s rewarding to see a well-executed campaign push a new or renowned brand to new heights, signaling economic growth and reaching customers on a level that traditional marketing simply cannot.”

Where to find remote advertising jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow advertising influencers like Savannah Sanchez, Jon Loomer, Ritu Java, and Michael Erickson Facchin on LinkedIn.

8. Demand generation specialist

Demand generation specialist

Experience level: Mid-level to senior

Average salary: $62K – $98K per year

Employment options: In-house, agency, or freelance

A demand generation specialist is responsible for creating a marketing strategy that generates interest and demand for a company’s products or services. A good example is when HubSpot – a marketing software platform -launched a conference and an online academy to drive up demand for their product.

If you’re looking to land a demand gen job, you’ll need a few years of experience in all areas of digital marketing—from lead generation and content creation to email marketing and analytics—to drive customer interest and convince people to start conversions.

Demand generation is a great career path if you’re great at building relationships. Unlike many other marketing jobs, the role doesn’t involve sitting at a computer all day long. That means it’s perfect for people who love to be active and crave excitement in their daily lives. You can get out and about, meeting new people and closing high-value deals.

Courses and qualifications for demand generation:

“Sales experience goes a long way if you’re in a demand gen role at a higher price point solution—say, average deal size of 5-figures or more—because you’re often supporting sales,” says Joe Kevens, director of demand generation at B2B SaaS Reviews.

“You also need a combo of creative, technical, analytical, and communicative skills to succeed in the role.”

Demand generation job description:

  • Build relationships with partners, influencers, and customers
  • Stay up to date with industry trends that would affect potential customers
  • Educate customers via chat, online courses, or webinars
  • Attend conferences or events to build relationships with industry leaders
  • Track and improve customer engagement

Where to find remote demand generation jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow demand generation influencers like Andrew Allsop, Ramli John, Jason Steele, and Sarah McConnell on LinkedIn.

9. Artificial intelligence specialist

Artificial intelligence specialist

Experience level: Mid-level to senior

Average salary: $80K – $129K per year

Employment options: In-house, agency, or freelance

An artificial intelligence (AI) specialist is someone who uses machine learning technology to support a business. Marketing teams, in particular, often hire AI specialists to help with content production, business intelligence, and sales.

To succeed as an AI specialist, you’ll need experience with machine learning and natural language processing (NPL) tools. The best specialists also have problem-solving skills to not only develop new use cases for AI, but to also figure out how to make AI programs better and more effective.

The best part about working in AI is that no two days are the same. If you thrive in fast-paced environments and like solving problems, it might be the right role for you. There’s also a level of prestige that comes with working in such a complex industry.

AI courses and qualifications:

AI specialist job description:

  • Work with content teams and AI content generators to produce new content
  • Create visuals—including images, infographics, and videos—using AI
  • Use and develop AI tools like ChatGPT
  • Help other departments get value from marketing automation tools
  • Optimize day-to-day internal marketing processes using AI

Where to find remote AI jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow AI influencers like Cassie Kozyrkov, Jacob McMillen, Allie K. Miller, Krista Doyle, and Aishwarya Srinivasan on LinkedIn.

10. Graphic designer

Graphic designer

Experience level: Entry-level plus

Average salary: $43K – $72K per year

Employment options: In-house, agency, or freelance

A graphic designer is someone who chooses the layout of visuals and text. They might design websites, work on company logos, or design advertisements to promote a business.

You’ll need creativity to succeed with this digital marketing job—which you can show in a portfolio. Get a graphic design job without any professional experience by creating your own websites, illustrations, or art work.

The biggest benefit of being a graphic designer is that you can find freelance gigs. Choose your own schedule, work from a trendy cafe, and make all of your friends jealous by turning your graphic design skills into a lucrative freelance business.

Graphic design courses and qualifications:

Graphic designer job description:

  • Develop and stick to visual brand guidelines
  • Create and fulfill design briefs
  • Produce illustrations, vectors, and logos
  • Work with copywriters to design marketing materials
  • Use different computer-aided design programs

Where to find remote graphic design jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow graphic design influencers like Charli Prangley, Davar Azarbeygui, and Itx Musa on LinkedIn.

11. PR or partnerships manager

PR or partnerships manager

Experience level: Mid-level to senior

Average salary: $57K – $97K per year

Employment options: In-house, agency, or freelance

Public relations is a type of marketing that helps strengthen and maintain a brand’s image. A PR manager is the person who oversees this strategy. It’s their job to distribute content about a business, build relationships with journalists, and handle negative press.

PR is all about partnerships. The best PR managers have excellent communication skills and empathy. Emotional intelligence and leadership skills can set you apart from other people looking for this digital marketing job.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing job that helps people, PR is a great option. You might lead a company’s support for nonprofits, manage fundraising events, or help a business’ customers meet their goals. All of these are unique opportunities that other types of digital marketing jobs don’t offer by default.

PR courses and qualifications:

PR specialist job description:

  • Write and distribute press releases
  • Build partnerships with writers and journalists
  • Monitor brand sentiment using social listening tools
  • Handle PR crisis or negative press
  • Use sites like HARO and Help a B2B Writer to secure links from other sites that point to yours
  • Report on media coverage to the marketing manager

“I get to work with a creative and passionate team that shares the same vision and values as me,” says Kate, PR specialist at Irresistible Me.

“And on top of that, I get to use and develop my communication, writing, and interpersonal skills. I also learn new things every day and keep up with the latest developments in the beauty industry, which is very exciting.”

Where to find remote PR jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow PR influencers like John Forberger, Parry Headrick, Ashley Mann, and James Gerber on LinkedIn.

12. Marketing account manager

Marketing account manager

Experience level: Mid-level to senior

Average salary: $56K – $91K per year

Employment options: Agency

Marketing account managers often work in agencies. They’re the main point of contact for any client. If the client has concerns about their social media strategy, for example, the account manager will relay this information onto the social media specialists and report back to the client with a plan of action.

Communication and customer service skills are important for account managers. The best account executives also know how to manage projects and lead a team.

The biggest benefit of becoming an account manager is that you’re highly paid. It’s your job to manage different departments and strengthen relationships with a client. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a role that allows you to be a boss and lead a team.

Account manager courses and qualifications:

Marketing account manager job description:

  • Build relationships with clients
  • Work with sales and marketing teams to pitch new clients and projects
  • Prepare proposals, presentations, and contracts
  • Report on marketing performance
  • Manage other marketing departments to meet client goals

Where to find remote account manager jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow account management influencers like Jenny Plant, Sally Stevens, and Kristina Jaramillo on LinkedIn.

13. Marketing project manager

Marketing project manager

Experience level: Senior

Average salary: $65K – $100K per year

Employment options: In-house, agency, or freelance

A marketing project manager (also known as a marketing operations specialist) is someone who leads a marketing team.

It’s their job to manage budgets, brief creative teams, and make sure deadlines are met. Not all businesses employ them—some project managers are contracted in, making this a great digital marketing job if you want to freelance and be your own boss.

To succeed as a marketing project manager you’ll need to be incredibly organized. Leadership skills also help keep teams motivated and meet deadlines.

The best part about marketing project manager jobs is that it’s always new and exciting. Projects change regularly, so instead of working on a specific task for as long as you’re in the role, you can change up your working environment, tasks, and responsibilities every few months.

Project manager courses and qualifications:

Marketing project manager job description:

  • Combine details in a project management tool like Trello, ClickUp, or Asana
  • Develop briefs for the creative team
  • Manage team members to ensure deliverables are met
  • Assign budgets and resources
  • Produce reports and update stakeholders on marketing progress

Where to find remote project manager jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow project management influencers like Rebecca Nash, Charlie Saunders, and Mike Rizzo on LinkedIn.

14. Digital marketing manager

Digital marketing manager

Experience level: Senior

Average salary: $64K – $111K per year

Employment options: In-house

A digital marketing manager oversees a business’ entire marketing strategy. They work with all creative teams on all aspects of the marketing funnel, from social media and email to display advertising.

These people usually work in-house. They might collaborate with external agencies or freelancers, but they typically manage a team of marketers for a company.

The best digital marketing managers have strong leadership and communication skills. Experience with different aspects of marketing can also help you become a well-rounded marketing manager.

The best part: all companies, regardless of what channels they’re using or industry they’re in, need a marketing manager. This means there are tons of jobs available. With a little experience in either channel, you could land a job at any company.

Marketing manager courses and qualifications:

“If you’re looking to land a similar role, my advice would be to focus on developing both your technical and soft skills,” says Justyna Dzikowska, head of marketing at Brand24. “Take the time to understand your own strengths and weaknesses, and don’t be afraid to seek out constructive criticism.”

Marketing manager job description:

  • Create marketing initiatives for the entire department to follow
  • Ensure all marketing materials stay on-brand
  • Oversee department leaders (such as heads of social media or content marketing managers)
  • Report on marketing success to key stakeholders, such as the founder or CEO
  • Manage marketing budgets and resources

Where to find remote digital marketing manager jobs:

For more insight on how to land this digital marketing job, follow leaders like Eric Siu, Daria Shcherbakova, and Andy Crestodina on LinkedIn.

How to succeed in any digital marketing job

While there are many different digital marketing jobs you can do from home, the reality is: it’s a competitive space. According to Zippia, there are 405,000 marketing specialists in the U.S.—and that’s just one of the job roles available in the industry.

To stand out from other candidates and become the best marketing associate you can be, follow these guiding principles:

  • Commit to learning. New marketing channels, techniques, and best practices change on a regular basis. No matter your job, commit a few hours each week to brushing up on your knowledge and staying up to date with the latest trends. Facebook Groups, Reddit forums, Slack communities, and YouTube are all great resources to stay up to date.
  • Experiment. Marketing is all about creativity, so try new things and see what works best. (If you can’t experiment much for your employer, start a marketing side hustle—like your own website. Here’s a guide on how to start a blog.)
  • Build your network. The saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know” is especially relevant for marketers. Build relationships with other marketers, journalists, and customers by commenting on their social media posts, scheduling virtual coffee chats with other people in the role, and attending digital marketing conferences. These relationships can help you land new jobs and find opportunities that would otherwise be off limits.

Leslie Gilmour, CEO of BeFound SEO, says: “My advice for folks seeking to make a career in digital marketing would be to, above all, cultivate analytical thinking—i.e. become capable of understanding not just the “what” but the “why” behind the data.

“You need to build a genuinely diverse skill set, always be ready to learn more, and have an open mind when it comes to collaboration,” Leslie adds. “The insights you can gain from other people in digital marketing can be truly invaluable.”

Digital marketing jobs FAQs

Can digital marketing be a good side hustle?

Digital marketing is a great side hustle because there are several online resources to start learning. There are also minimal upfront costs—many tools and platforms are available for free or at a low cost, making it accessible to start marketing on the side of your day job.

Is digital marketing a good career?

Digital marketing can be a fantastic career choice since there are several job opportunities and demand for talent continues to grow. It’s especially great if you’re creative, have outstanding communication skills, and want to earn a good income.

Can I do digital marketing with no experience?

In digital marketing, your skills are far more important than qualifications. You can get digital marketing experience by working on your own blog or taking an entry-level apprenticeship.

Are digital marketers paid well?

Absolutely! Glassdoor reports that the average salary for a full-time digital marketer is between $50K and $90K, but more specialized skills have higher salaries. Marketing AI specialists, for example, can earn up to $129K per year.

Can a digital marketer work from home?

Digital marketers can work anywhere with an internet connection. You can be a freelance or self-employed digital marketer, but more and more companies are allowing their digital marketing specialists to work from home.

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