Top Blogging Courses & Coaching To Reach $10k/mo Fast

Top Blogging Courses & Coaching To Reach $10k/mo Fast

What makes a great blogging course or coaching program?

How do you know if a particular course or coach will help you reach your desired income goals?

Is it worth paying a hefty fee for a course or can you learn enough from free resources?

These are all critical questions when considering signing up for a blogging course or coach.

The truth is that investing in a course or coaching can be highly beneficial if you’re serious about taking your blog to the next level.

However, knowing which is right for you can be challenging with various courses and coaches available.

To make things easier when starting a blog, here is a selection of the top blogging courses to help you quickly reach $10k/mo with your blog.

What Are The Top Blogging Courses?

Here are the best blogging courses to consider.

1. Blog Growth Engine.

bloggrowthengine homepage

Blog Growth Engine is a comprehensive course that covers everything from creating content to monetizing your blog.

As the co-creator, I have designed it for beginners who want to start their blog but need help knowing where to begin.

As a premium blogging course, it aims to make it easy and accessible for anyone to build a successful blogging business.

You’ll learn how to create content, optimize your website for search engines, grow an audience, and monetize your blog.

The Blog Growth Engine course includes the following:

  • Over 40 hours of training.
  • Access to a community of other bloggers.
  • Unlimited coaching calls with private blogging coaches.

Whether you want a side hustle or a full-time career in blogging, this comprehensive course will give you all the tools and resources you need to be successful.

Get started with Blog Growth Engine.

2. Ahrefs Academy.

ahrefs homepage

Ahrefs Academy is a comprehensive training course for digital marketers, bloggers, and website owners.

With video tutorials, certification courses, and blog training courses available to Ahrefs users, this program will help you increase your online visibility and reach more customers than ever.

The training course covers everything from setting up your blog to growing it past 100K monthly visitors and ultimately turning readers into paying customers.

You’ll also learn how to optimize your content for search engines and build relationships with influencers and other blogs to drive traffic to your site.

For beginners who are just starting with digital marketing, the free blogging course on SEO is perfect for getting acquainted with the basics of search engine optimization (SEO).

This course is designed with beginners in mind so that even those who have no prior experience can get started right away.

Ahrefs Academy offers something for everyone—from beginner digital marketers interested in learning the basics of SEO to experienced bloggers looking to grow their sites into an authoritative presence online.

3. Authority Hacker.

authorityhacker homepage

Authority Hacker is a detailed course that covers all aspects of building an authority site.

You can learn everything from keyword research and content creation to monetizing your site with ads, affiliate programs, and more.

The Authority Site System includes over 183 video lessons that cover everything you need to know about creating a successful authority site.

Plus, it comes with a real-life case study website so that you can learn by example.

The course also provides copy-and-paste templates so you can get started on your authority site quickly and easily.

And best of all, the course is regularly updated with new videos.

4. Launch Your Blog Biz.

launch-your-blog-biz homepage

Launch The Blog Biz can help you start, launch, and grow your own online business from scratch.

The course includes multiple lessons and videos that will teach you how to create content that resonates with people.

It also covers topics such as setting up a website, monetizing your blog through affiliate marketing and ad networks, creating ebooks, selling digital products like courses or membership sites, and more.

The development team is experienced in blogging and has helped over 16,000 students become content creators and start their businesses.

5. Food Blogger Pro.

foodbloggerpro homepage

Are you a creative foodie looking to get your recipes out there? Have you ever wanted to turn your passion into cash?

With Food Blogger Pro, you can do both!

This step-by-step blogging course teaches you how to build a successful food blog and make money doing what you love.

Food Blogger Pro starts with setting up your domain and hosting account, then moves on to WordPress installation and configuration.

After that, it’s all about customizing your blog’s design and layout to look professional and inviting for readers.

From there, you will learn how to write engaging content that drives traffic, builds relationships with customers, and promotes fantastic recipes.

Once your food blog is up and running, maximizing your visibility online is the next step.

Food Blogger Pro offers tested strategies for getting more eyes on your recipes via social media platforms and search engines.

6. Superstar Business Masterclass.

superstarblogging homepage

Superstar Business Masterclass’s author is award-winning Matthew Kepnes, who has been successfully running his blog for over 14 years.

In this course, he shares his strategies and secrets on how to make it big in the blogosphere.

The course teaches students how to monetize their blogs through different approaches, such as affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

You will also learn how to develop an engaged community to help you reach new heights with your business.

With this program, you’ll have access to a community of more than 1,000 people who can provide you with valuable advice on how to succeed online.

7. Built to Blog.

ryrob homepage

The Built to Blog course will help you get the most out of your blogging experience.

This comprehensive course covers all the nitty-gritty details of the step-by-step blogging process.

It includes the following:

  • More than 9 hours of video lessons
  • 15000+ words of private written instruction
  • Five hours of exclusive video interviews.

The creators built The Built to Blog course for novice bloggers and experienced professionals.

In this program, you will learn how to create an effective content strategy that will help you reach your target audience.

Additionally, you will discover how to optimize your blog posts for search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM).

You will also learn advanced techniques such as guest blogging and email list building.

Finally, there are 5 hours of exclusive video interviews with ten of the world’s most influential bloggers who share their insights on success with blogging.

How To Find The Right Blogging Courses

Here are the main factors to consider when looking for the right online blogging course.

Content Quality

From blogging basics to more in-depth, next-level topics, the course should be comprehensive and cover all areas of blogging.

The online courses to consider will have detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create content that resonates with readers and drives engagement.

Coaching Style & Strategy

The best blogging course will factor in everyone’s skills.

From beginner bloggers to those already experienced at blogging, everyone should find something they can learn.

While many free blogging courses exist, they don’t necessarily allow you to dive deep into particular topics or provide real-time guidance from an expert instructor.

Instead, with a blogging masterclass, you can start from scratch and then learn advanced strategies to gain more blog visibility.

Becoming a superstar blogging expert requires new bloggers to have a solid foundation and build on that.

The right coaching strategies can help you accomplish this goal.

Level Of Expertise And Experience Of The Instructor

The best blogging course is where instructors have been in the trenches.

They should be able to provide examples from real-life projects they’ve worked on and offer best practices for getting your blog off the ground.

With blog content changing based on industry trends and technology, an experienced instructor is more likely to stay up to date with the latest strategies than a novice.

Online blogging is different from what it used to be a few years ago, so having access to an instructor who knows their stuff can help you create content that stands out from the rest.

Building a six-figure blog is about quality content and having the right strategy and tactical execution.

The right instructors can give you a step-by-step plan so you can start seeing results faster.

Course Structure And Format

Your blogging strategy should include multiple modules for tackling different topics.

Whether you prefer short video lessons or podcasts, having access to various learning styles can keep things exciting and give you more in-depth knowledge on specific areas.

Look for courses that offer written and audio materials, group discussions, and one-on-one coaching sessions with the instructor.

While you can find tons of courses on sites like Skillshare and Udemy that can get you started with blogging basics, the structure of a complete system should also include an action plan for implementation, which can help you succeed faster.

The course should also explain the time commitment needed to complete it and its technical requirements.

Value For Money (Cost Versus Benefit)

The best blogging course should provide you with the right mix of quality content, expert instructors, and a compelling structure at a reasonable cost.

Look for courses offering lifetime access or payment plans to maximize investment.

Some courses also offer free blogging tools that include spreadsheets, templates, or checklists so that you can hit the ground running.

This value for money is something that only some free courses offer, so keeping the balance between quality and cost is critical.

Number And Type Of Resources Offered

From having an email marketing newsletter that keeps you abreast of the latest industry trends to a Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded bloggers, the type of resources offered by a blogging course should be extensive.

The learning material should come in various formats such as eBooks, audio, and video lessons so that everyone can benefit from it regardless of their preferred learning mode.

The Benefits Of Having A Successful Blog

Here are the main advantages of having a successful and profitable blog.

Increased Visibility

The best online blogging courses help you create a blog that stands out from the competition and gets noticed by your target audience.

As you build a blog, people will begin to recognize it as a source of reliable information, which can increase its visibility.

Along with great content that appeals to readers, SEO optimization is essential in increasing your blog’s visibility.

Gather Valuable Insights

With each enrollment, you will have more data about your readers’ interests and how they interact with your content.

This information can create better posts tailored to your audience’s wants.

Adjusting your marketing strategy also becomes easier when you have real-time analytics.

Online blogging classes help you understand how to best use this data to improve your blog’s performance.

From page views to bounce rates, the proper course will get you on track toward success.

Build Credibility

The best courses also show you how to use your course material to position yourself as an expert in your field.

To make money blogging, you must establish trust with readers and ensure they know what they can expect from your blog.

Having your own blog business is not only about income but building a reputation as well.

Generate More Leads

Your blogging journey also helps you build a mailing list filled with people who are interested in your content.

From people interested in food blogging to those looking for the latest marketing material on setting up podcasts and beyond, you can blog about any topic that generates interest from readers.

Keeping this in mind as you write blog posts will help attract more signups and grow your subscriber list.

The proper education to grow a successful blog will start all of this.

Launch A Passive Income Stream

Once your blog is up and running, blog traffic will increase.

You can make money while you sleep by using the power of content marketing and the fundamentals of an automated sales funnel.

The right online blogging course might also detail how to create products, services, or digital downloads that generate income on autopilot.

Whether creating a travel blog or selling ebooks and membership programs, this education is invaluable for boosting your bottom line.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

The best travel blogging course helps build an audience of loyal followers who return to your content repeatedly.

With lifetime access given to students, they can review material when necessary and benefit from ongoing support as their business grows.

What You Need To Build A Successful Blog

While the proper education will get you far, knowing the main components needed to get started can get you the rest of the way.

Here are the main items to consider.

Access To Industry Experts And Professionals

Access to experienced bloggers who have been in the game for a while can help you gain more insights into the blogging world.

Professional course instructors can provide valuable advice about what works and what doesn’t, as well as ensure that you’re heading in the right direction.

A Domain Name & Hosting Provider

A domain name and hosting are essential for setting up a blog.

While free blogging domains exist, they generally offer limited features.

Make sure to choose the right domain registrar when choosing a memorable name.

One should also choose their hosting provider carefully to ensure your site is always up and running without downtime.

Your Favorite Blogging Platform

Choosing the right blogging platform is critical for creating a great website.

Popular choices include WordPress, Wix, Blogger, and Joomla.

Each has its strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll need to research before deciding on one.

A Content Creation Strategy

Creating great content is vital for keeping readers engaged and coming back for more.

It is essential to have a content strategy so that you can plan and create high-quality blog posts regularly.

An Understanding Of SEO And Keywords

If you want search engines to find your posts, having an understanding of SEO and keywords is essential.

Use SEO tools to research your topic’s relevant keywords and strategically use them in titles, headings, body copy, and meta descriptions.

An Eye-Catching Design & Layout

An attractive design and layout will keep readers on your website longer.

Research what looks good on mobile devices and desktop computers, or consider hiring a professional web designer.

The Right Tools & Plugins To Help Promote Your WordPress Blog

You can find various tools and plugins that can help make blogging easier.

These include social media management tools, analytics programs, blog comment systems, and more.

Wrap Up.

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts, interests, and passions.

The right blogging course and coaching can help you start a successful blog and turn it into a profitable business.

The above list of courses, services, and resources can help you get started and on the right track with blogging.

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The right marketing strategies can also help you grow your blog and make money from it.

But remember, blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme; it takes hard work, dedication, and consistency to reap the rewards.

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